Significant progress has been made in the research of organic reagent-organic composite membrane

Significant progress has been made in the research of organic-inorganic composite membranes. Recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized an expert group to preside over the key project of the Fujian Provincial Natural Science Foundation, “Preparation of organic-inorganic composite membranes of nanomolecular compounds and presided over by the researcher Cao Rong of the Fujian Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Performance Research ". The evaluation expert team highly praised the achievements of the project and believed that the research achievements of the project are highly innovative and have received extensive attention from domestic and foreign counterparts, and have produced important international influences. The project team systematically carried out the preparation of novel nanomolecular compounds, the preparation of organic-inorganic composite membranes and their electrochemical, optical and photocatalytic properties, and achieved a series of innovative results. They prepared a series of nanosphere structures Soluble ionic nanomolecular compounds, functional polyoxometalates, especially polyoxometalates substituted with transition metals and polyoxometalates containing rare earth metals; a series of Organic-inorganic composite multilayer film of polyethyleneimine, o-phenanthrodione transition metal complex, organic dye as cation, polyoxometallate as anion; innovative use of aminated calixarene, aminated sulfur Heterocalixarene is a cation, a series of calixarene / polyoxometalate composite membranes are prepared, and the first calixarene hydrogen bond self-assembled film is obtained, which provides an important hydrogen bond dimer and nanotube formed by calixarene. Experimental basis; Innovative use of suitable dye molecules to sensitize the composite film of polyoxometalate, the film has a good visible light photocatalyst Degrading activity, and the thin films on the nano-colloidal particles greatly increase the photocatalytic efficiency; found macrocyclic copper / acid composite film has excellent photocatalytic activity under UV light degradation. During the implementation of the project, the research results have been published in 33 SCI papers in internationally renowned journals including Chem. Commun., Inorg. He has applied for 6 national invention patents and has been invited to give academic reports at domestic and international academic conferences. Related research topics have been successfully upgraded into national major research plan projects, national major basic research plan projects, national fund key projects, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred People Program" Outstanding project with excellent results.

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