Get rid of skin disease and keep your skin healthy

In the winter, the skin will have symptoms such as dryness, itching and peeling to varying degrees. Experts caution that this is due to the further decline of the secretory function of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands in winter, which promotes the aging of the nerve endings in the skin, and sends them to the cerebral cortex sensory center. Different stimuli should be handled correctly.

Get rid of skin disease, keep your skin healthy

Moderate tea consumption: help prevent itching

Skin itching is a paroxysmal attack, characterized by light and heavy nights, mostly dry skin and middle-aged and elderly. Experts advise that when the patient's skin is itchy, avoid scratching or hot water, you can lick some moisturizing lotion, take some anti-allergic drugs or nourishing blood, moisturizing, hurricane and itching of traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to "avoid the mouth", for fish, Shrimp, wine, pepper and other foods should not be eaten as much as possible to avoid aggravating the condition and less exposure to chemicals containing chemicals such as washing powder. In addition, the right amount of tea per day helps to prevent itching of the skin. The tea is rich in trace elements manganese, which has a significant protective effect on human skin.

Dermatitis episode: or lack of vitamin B

A mild erythema scaly dermatitis occurs in the face, mostly in women aged 20-40. It is related to the use of improper cosmetics, contact with dust, pollen and other allergies. After sun exposure, the local acid-base ratio changes, and the surface temperature of the skin rises, causing damage to the skin barrier. Experts advise that for the prevention and treatment of such dermatitis, do not use cosmetics and alkaline soap to wash your face before going out, usually do not eat spicy, ginger, garlic and other irritating food. The body or lack of vitamin B family, need to drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, fruits, pay attention to facial moisturizing. Serious people should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Peeling and desquamation: not necessarily water shortage

Skin peeling and desquamation are not only for the elderly, but are also aimed at young people who often work in air-conditioned environments. Experts advise that peeling and desquamation are not necessarily water shortages and need to be self-tested. If peeling starts along the hairline, it may be dermatitis; if the nose is peeled on both sides, it may be a warm rash; if the skin continues to dry this way, and the water level is peeling off, it is recommended to go to the hospital to see the dermatology. In addition, people like to take a hot bath in winter, but pay attention to the temperature should not be too high, the time is generally no more than 15 minutes. When men shave, it is best not to use a shaving cream, which can be replaced by shampoo.

Excessive fatigue: induction of herpes zoster

Herpes zoster is caused by a varicella zoster virus. It is a chickenpox in childhood. It is usually lurking in the human ganglion. Most adults are carriers of this virus. Experts remind that exercise more daily, improve physical function, pay attention to cold and warm, cold and fever make the resistance weakened and easily induce the virus. It is also important to note that avoiding overwork, eliminating day and night and high-load work, does not give you the opportunity to “wake up” the virus. Other common viral infectious diseases include simple herpes, pediatric rubella, and infantile acute rash. >>>How to use medicine for winter skin diseases?

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