Home new fashion black and white with large capacity storage wardrobe recommended

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] black and white is a classic match in the color of the home, there is always a fashion temperament that does not fall into fashion. The succinct white and deep black, the contrasting color, brings a strong visual impact and modern urban atmosphere. Black and white home design is a kind of harmonious and beautiful enjoyment. It shows the urban elite's sleek home style with the image of the atmosphere! Today, Xiaobian recommends several classic black and white matching bedroom items for everyone to come and enjoy them. Black and white charm!

Classic black and white with large capacity storage wardrobe:

Wardrobe shopping guide

Reference price: 988.00-3088

Material: wood-based panel

Home improvement style: simple and modern

Number of wardrobe doors: 6 doors, 3 doors, 4 doors, 5 doors, 2 doors

Applicable people: adults

Xiao Bian Comments: Modern and simple fashion style, based on the design of home functionality and fashion, the pure white tone can always make people feel emotionally stable. The smooth lines outline the overall effect of the stylish atmosphere, and the fresh and simple style breaks the dullness of the bedroom. The cabinet is spacious and bright, and multiple compartments can accommodate a large number of bedding items. It is one of the main storage furniture in the bedroom.

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Large capacity wardrobe

Wardrobe storage

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