Constant temperature and humidity box adopts computer temperature and humidity control system

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the LNB brand constant temperature and humidity chamber, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Product use: Constant temperature and humidity incubator is used for aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical, electronic products, various electronic components in high temperature or humid environment to check its performance index As well as microorganisms, cells, tissues, biochemistry, genetics, and culture.

Box structure: The box body of constant temperature and humidity incubator is processed and formed by CNC machine tool, with beautiful and novel shape and non-reaction handle, easy to operate. The tank liner is made of imported high-grade stainless steel mirror panel or 304B argon arc welding, and the tank liner is sprayed with A3 steel plate. Adopt microcomputer temperature and humidity controller to control temperature and humidity accurately and reliably. A large observation window with an illumination lamp keeps the inside of the box bright, and double glass is used to clearly observe the situation inside the box at any time. There is an independent temperature limit alarm system, which will be automatically interrupted when the limit temperature is exceeded, to ensure that the experiment runs safely without accidents. The left side of the constant temperature and humidity incubator box is equipped with a test hole with a diameter of 50mm, which can be used for external test power line or signal line. The bottom of the machine uses high-quality fixed PU movable wheels.

Performance features: Microcomputer intelligent control, LCD display to control temperature, humidity, time, and over-temperature alarm functions; the appearance is painted with matt coating to avoid light radiation, the partition can be adjusted arbitrarily; the constant temperature and humidity incubator uses off-core fan, which is unique in China The air duct design makes the cold and hot fully mixed and blows to the box to ensure more precise temperature and better uniformity; the air inlet → evaporator → electric heating → mixing → the interior of the working room is made of mirror stainless steel material, and the circular arc design is used to avoid Right-angle air flow produces dead angles and poor uniformity; an independent fresh air device can be used to open and close the air in the box at any time to keep the air in the box fresh; the observation window adopts an original double door design: when the inner cavity is cultivated Observe the door and close the compound door without observation; adopt internationally renowned compressors and fluorine-free refrigerants to lead environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving; can be cultivated in a closed environment (no light)

Integrated refrigeration system, multi-layer protection, safe operation, effective self-check, using non-conventional automatic frost without energy consumption, to avoid the influence of temperature, so that the device can be used continuously for a long time; the humidity sensor adopts imported components, and the humidification component adopts intelligent atomization Device, large-capacity supplement humidification water; equipped with RS-485 interface, can be connected to computer and recorder, random distribution software

With a deep understanding and mastery of scientific instrument technology, Shanghai Haozhuang has not only developed low-temperature and constant temperature instruments, ultrasonic instruments, cabinet instruments, microbiological instruments, ice-making refrigeration instruments, and laboratories based on independent research and development of core technologies of scientific instruments With supporting instruments, and gradually formed a product pattern of various scientific instruments and technical reserve products to develop together. Seek credit with service, welcome customers!

The bristles of professional Makeup Brushes are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. Natural animal wool cloth has full scales, so the hair is soft, and the powder is saturated, which can make the color uniform and not irritate the skin. Generally speaking, animal hair is the best material for makeup brush bristles. Make sure your makeup is as beautiful as possible. Maybe you just have a set of tools. Makeup brushes have gone from the hands of professional stylists to the beauty of women. According to the makeup artist, mink hair is the best of bristles, with a soft and moderate texture. Goat wool is the most common animal wool material, with a soft and durable texture. The texture of pony hair is softer and more elastic than ordinary horse hair. Artificial hair Artificial fiber is harder than animal hair and suitable for thick creamy makeup. Nylon has the hardest texture and is mostly used as eyelash brush and eyebrow brush.

Professional brushes pay attention to the division of labor, so there are eyebrow brushes for eyebrows, eye shadows, eyeliners, eye fold brushes, Lip Brushes, and Powder Brushes. The era of three large, medium and small brushes has passed. But with so many tools, can they completely replace traditional Makeup Tools? Do you want to discard the powder and cotton pads? the answer is negative. Taking the most important step in applying makeup as "makeup foundation", a puff is still the best tool for evenly spreading foundation, but after applying the powder at last, use a large powder brush to brush off the excess powder on the face, and the entire makeup will be more beautiful. Naturally, brushes and other tools used by everyone in the past should be good helpers that complement each other, instead of replacing old habits with new ones.
With the passage of time, many brush functions have new interpretations. Take the foundation as an example. The traditional foundation brushes were flat shapes in the past. The powder is more considerate when it touches the skin. That is, the side of the brush is in contact with the face. Today, with the continuous advancement of makeup technology, the makeup products are constantly updated, and the styles and functions of the brushes have also been updated. Now the foundation is mainly adopted and the most popular is the flat-head brush. Now, you can apply powdery foundation or creamy foundation. The method is no longer using the side of the brush, but the method of flat pushing the brush head, using the flat brush head, Mao Feng is soft and delicate, foundation Naturally symmetrical, the most popular is this one. Of course, businesses have also been introducing new ones. The new flat-beveled bevelled foundation brushes are also in production and will be more powerful.

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