Gu Yan reagent-"cell": British scientists discovered plant gene "thermometer"

Plants adjust their growth state due to temperature changes in the four seasons or day and night, so what do they rely on to sense changes in external temperature? British researchers say that plants have a special "thermometer" at the genetic level. This discovery will help researchers develop new plant varieties that are more adaptable to current climate changes.

Researchers at the John Innes Centre in the United Kingdom reported in the latest issue of Cell that they used the plant Arabidopsis for experiments. Researchers use genetic methods that cause this plant to emit light, allowing it to emit more light in higher temperature environments.

The researchers found that a histone called H2A.Z is a plant's "thermometer". When the temperature of plant growth is low, this histone will bind to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), making some genes unable to function, thereby inhibiting plant growth; when the temperature increases, it will loosen the DNA , Related genes can play a role and guide plant growth. The researchers believe that some plants are delayed or bloomed early in response to the cold and warm weather, are controlled by this system.

But if this histone has problems due to mutations, the plant may not be able to sense changes in outside temperature. The researchers say that because the plant cannot move, if it cannot quickly adapt to changes in temperature in a certain place, there is a danger of extinction there. The researchers hope that after understanding the characteristics of the plant's temperature control system, they can develop new plant varieties that are more adaptable to climate change.

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