The anaerobic incubator has a systematic and scientific working range

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the LNB brand anaerobic incubator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. The anaerobic incubator is a special device for bacteria cultivation and operation under anaerobic environment. It can provide strict anaerobic state constant temperature cultivation conditions and has a systematic and scientific work area. Operating and cultivating in this device can cultivate the anaerobic organisms that are the most difficult to grow, and can avoid the risk of anaerobic organisms being exposed to oxygen and dying when operating in the atmosphere. Therefore, this device is an ideal tool for anaerobic biological detection and scientific research. The device is also a good instrument with multiple uses, such as changing the operation mode to provide good growth conditions for the growth and reproduction of microaerobic bacteria.

Instructions for use (1), the formation of an anaerobic environment in the operating room 1) Place the necessary accessories and appliances according to the requirements of the use, and put two five poisonous plastic bags into the operating room. 2) Adjust the input pressure of the mixed gas cylinder and nitrogen cylinder, adjust the pressure reducing valve so that the input pressure is 0.1Mpa 3) After opening the device, after the power switch is pressed, press the main power button on the control card to energize the device. 4) Put 1000g of palladium particles (sealed) and 500g of desiccant in the operation room, and put the Meilan indicator strip. 5) Close the indoor and outdoor doors of the sampling, and vacuum check. (Press the vacuum pump button on the control panel, press on, and then off again) 6) The first replacement in the operating room (nitrogen replacement): (1) First insert the rubber tube into the air inlet of the operating room, and the other into the plastic bag . (2) Connect the nitrogen gas inlet, open the nitrogen control valve in the operation room, and make the two plastic bags full of nitrogen, then close the solenoid valve, and then tighten the bag mouth. (3) Put the latex gloves on the flange ring of the observation board and tighten it. (4) Gradually put the nitrogen in the plastic bag in the operation room until it is completely eliminated. 7) Repeat the second flush of the operation room (nitrogen replacement). In the nitrogen process, the sampling chamber is first evacuated, and pay attention to close the exhaust by pressing the exhaust valve at any time. 8) The third replacement of the operation room (mixed gas replacement) (mixed gas ratio is H2 1/85% H2 1/10% H2 1/10% CO2 / 15%) (1) Change the gas path and open the operation room mixture When the valve is inhaled, the sampling chamber is first evacuated when flushing, and pay attention to close the exhaust by pressing the exhaust valve at any time. (2) After the mixed gas is filled in the plastic bag, close the solenoid valve and open the mixed gas restrictor valve, so that the mixed gas passes through the flow stabilizer, flowmeter, and adjust the flowmeter, and the flow rate is about 10 ml per minute. (3) The mixed gas in the plastic bag is gradually discharged into the operating room. (4) After three times of ventilation, the oxygen content of the gas in the operation room is already in the extreme state 9) Open the palladium particle deaerator in the operation room, connect the power of the deaeration catalyst for catalytic deaeration, and react in the anaerobic indicator Put a little clean water on the area. After 1-2 hours, observe the discoloration. The dark blue color changes to light blue in the reaction area to achieve an anaerobic environment in the operating room. Note: 1 The indicator strip can be used repeatedly, 2 Do not touch the blue reaction area 3 Pack the spring in the sealed tube, prevent it from being in a dry place. 10Ultraviolet sterilization lamp, sterilization treatment in the room, the sterilization time is customized.

Features YQX-â…¡ / â…¢ anaerobic incubator is composed of vacuum sampling room, constant temperature anaerobic operation room, gas circuit, circuit control system and other parts. The whole machine is novel in shape and compact in structure, and has the advantages of good anaerobic environment, good air tight performance, high temperature control accuracy, good stability, convenient use, gas saving, economy, safe and reliable work and so on. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. Using scientific advanced means to achieve high precision of anaerobic environment, its constant performance is good, reliable use; 2. The temperature of the incubator is controlled by microcomputer, which can accurately and intuitively reflect the temperature in the box, and can automatically re-control the temperature , Is a set of effective temperature-limiting protection device to ensure that the culture grows under safe temperature environment; 3. The box is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamp, which can effectively avoid contamination of bacteria; 4. Pneumatic device, which can adjust the flow rate arbitrarily and accurately , Can input all kinds of required gas arbitrarily; 5. The gas is controlled by microcomputer, the solenoid valve is started or closed, and the operation is flexible; 6. The front window of the operation room is made of thick transparent special glass, which can clearly observe the indoor operation situation clearly, and the operation uses plastic The gloves are reliable, comfortable, flexible and easy to use; 7. The room is equipped with a deoxidizing catalyst.

Installation 1. The whole machine should be placed in a place with small temperature difference and convenient operation. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and away from heating equipment. It should be placed stably; (Including pressure gauge), placed in a proper position; 3. Connect the gas path and check the gas path, in order to prevent air leakage, if necessary, you can use the sealant to glue at each connection.

With a deep understanding and mastery of scientific instrument technology, Shanghai Haozhuang has not only developed low-temperature and constant temperature instruments, ultrasonic instruments, cabinet instruments, microbiological instruments, ice-making refrigeration instruments, and laboratories based on independent research and development of core technologies of scientific instruments With supporting instruments, and gradually formed a product pattern of various scientific instruments and technical reserve products to develop together. For more instruments, please pay attention to Shanghai Haozhuang!

A.Product description:
SMMS Hydrophilic core nonwovens for Baby Diaper absorbent pad

1.Basic weight:

normal 10 gsm, focus on lower and thinner trends of baby diaper, the lowest we can go 8gsm few factory can compete and catch!


lighter, lower cost than SSS Spunbond nonwovens


spunmelt,higher density, good consistence unifomity of surface, much safer more effective in SAP and particle barrier

4.Raw material:  

Polypropylene (pp) all purchased from big and approved factory in China or abroad, such  as China national petroleum corporation group, ExxonMobil Chemical


Surfactant agents from Pulcra Chemical, less than1.5-2.0 seconds penetration

1.TQM (Total Quality Management systerm),

each roll go through 6 checks in whole production process

2.Fully enclosed production workshop

3.Perfect checkout room


● High quality, stable uniformity, adequate weight;
● Soft feeling, eco friendly, recycleable, breathable;
● Good strength and elongation;

● Anti bacteria, UV stablized,flame retardant processed.

1)100% eco-friendly nonwoven fabric

2) 10-300 GSM

3)standard width:according to customer's demand,max3.2m

4) breathable and disposable

(1).Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric which is formed by directly using high polymer slice, short fibers or filament fiber into wet formation through air flow or machine into network,

(2). And then through the water thorn, acupuncture, or hot rolled reinforced. 

(3).It is a new fiber product which has soft, breathable and plane structure features 

(4).Does not produce fiber crumbs, strong, durable, soft as silk, but also the feeling of cotton advantages. 

Spunbond For Baby Diaper

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