Ultrasonic cell pulverizer frequency automatic tracking technology

The frequency adaptive technology can make the ultrasonic intensity of the low-power ultrasonic crusher more stable, the consistency is better, and the experiment has good repeatability. At the same time, the high-power ultrasonic pulverizer can maintain reliable and stable 24-hour continuous operation to meet the industrial scale. Production requirements. The first initiative is currently the only domestic manufacturer that masters the core technology of ultrasonic generators, and the technology is also in a leading position in the world.
Ultrasonic cell pulverizer is a multifunctional and versatile instrument for ultrasonic treatment of substances by using strong ultrasonic waves in liquid. It can be used for the crushing of animal and plant tissues, cells, bacteria and spores. It can be used to emulsify, separate, disperse, homogenize, extract, degas, clean and accelerate chemical reactions.
The machine is widely used in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, medicinal chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology, agronomy, medicine, pharmaceuticals and other fields of teaching, research and production. Compared with the development of the bio-industry, the experimental requirements for the application of ultrasonic cell pulverizers have also increased, such as the measurement and control of sample temperature, the improvement of the temperature of cryogenically cooled samples and the whole machine, etc. Requirements.
In order to further improve the performance of ultrasonic instruments, absorb the latest foreign technology, combined with microcomputer control, frequency selection, temperature measurement, protection and other software and hardware technologies, the L series ultrasonic cell pulverizer is supported by the software attached. The ultrasonic cell pulverizer performs parameter preset and multi-machine group control.
Different from the multi-frequency ultrasonic cell pulverizer in the usual sense, the ultrasonic generator of this equipment has an ultra-wide frequency range and can adapt to transducers of any frequency in the range of 20KHz-60KHz. Users only need transducers with different frequencies. Can do a variety of multi-frequency ultrasonic experiments;
With a 7-inch touch LCD display and intuitive Windows graphical interface, high efficiency RAM + DSP multi-core system;
Users can set the ultrasonic power and output time according to their own needs;
Support the design of the program, which can execute multiple working procedures in sequence;
Communicate with the computer for immediate monitoring and operation;
120 sets of experimental parameters are available for storage, and menu-style calls are more stable and intuitive;
Real-time frequency and amplitude display, constant amplitude output, constant idling in air, continuous operation without gaps for 24 hours

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