Different types of wooden doors do not have a different style.

1. Size: Due to the size of the apartment and the height of the floor, the height of the interior doors of this type should exceed the normal standard (2100 mm). The size of some villa interior doors we usually do is often 2200*900. , 2300 * 900, 2400 * 900 and other ultra-high super wide size.

2. Threshold: In addition to entering the door of the house, the interior door of the villa should be added with a threshold on the set door according to the situation. The threshold can make the whole set of doors look very stylish and have a grade, which adds a lot to the decoration effect! The meaning of the threshold: the so-called The threshold is the beam on the upper part of the door frame above the main entrance, which is generally thick and heavy wood. In ancient times, according to the system of construction, only the residence of the imperial court can mark the threshold on the main entrance. Generally, the civilian population is not allowed to have a threshold. Even if you are a big family, the rich side has no official identity, and it cannot be in the house. Mark the threshold. These are the manifestations of status. The popular vocabulary "Glory Gate" is actually a visual expression of people's yearning for power and wealth.

3. Style: The style of the door is generally based on the designer's style, combined with what you like, and then, based on the designer's opinion, make the right choice.

Key points for small apartment selection:

1. Style: The style should not be too complicated. It is advisable to choose a simple and generous line craftsmanship, which makes people feel simple and bright.

2. Color: The color should be light or neutral, not too deep, dark will give people a sense of oppression, light color is good, visually makes people feel relaxed, of course, this depends on the decoration pattern. If the lighting is good, the designer suggests dark, then there is no problem choosing dark.

3.Material: Some small units are not very smooth due to the design of the apartment, etc. Therefore, we must choose environmentally friendly solid wood doors.

4. Door hole: In the early stage of decoration, it is necessary to observe the size of the door hole. If the door hole size is not large, it should be widened into a standard door as much as possible, which can increase the permeability of the house and the comfort of living to a certain extent.

5. Kitchen and bathroom door: The kitchen and bathroom should choose the door with glass to enhance the brightness and lighting in the sleeve. (The kitchen should choose transparent clear glass).

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