Zhengzhou Weier reagent-L-1-methylhistidine

Reagent name: N-methylimidazolyl-5-alanine; α-amino-β-(1-methyl-5-imidazolyl)acetone English name: L-1-Methylhistidine Molecular formula: C7H11N3O2 Molecular weight: 169.19 Physicochemical properties : 1 molecule of crystal water is needle crystal. The crystal water can be removed by vacuum drying; it is soluble in water. Physical and chemical parameters: The melting point after the loss of crystal water is 248~249 °C. 6.48 (imidazolyl), 8.85 (amino). Storage: The reagent is stored in a dry and sealed state. Method for preparing L-1-methylhistidine: using N-phthalic acid histidine methyl ester as a raw material, adding methyl iodide to a solution of dimethylformyl solvent to produce 1-methyl-N - phthaloyl histidine methyl ester, and then hydrolyzed in 20% hydrochloric acid at 121 ° C for 7 hours, the reaction solution is removed by hydrochloric acid, and then separated by strong cation exchange column chromatography to obtain 1-L-methyl histamine ester.

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