Alsa red cherry solid wood wardrobe is noble and full of taste

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] While people are paying more and more attention to the instrument, the dressing space in the home has also appeared, becoming an indispensable and increasingly valued place. The home has a separate wardrobe , which can be placed in the home, and the storage and storage function of the wardrobe is used to the greatest extent, while at the same time highlighting the noble status. Today, let us evaluate a wardrobe that is not only outstanding in appearance, but also very strong in storage - Alsa red cherry solid wood wardrobe.

Alsa red cherry solid wood wardrobe evaluation
Evaluation brand
Evaluation product
American red cherry solid wood wardrobe
Main substrate
American cherry wood
Evaluation project
Appearance, material, detail, hardware, storage function

Alsa red cherry solid wood wardrobe

Appearance evaluation:

Alsa wardrobe

Appearance evaluation

This wardrobe is atmospheric, calm and luxurious in terms of color and appearance. The overall style is biased towards the European and American manor style, which is more suitable for high-quality consumer groups. The wardrobe can also be used as a decorative cabinet. In the middle position, some decorations, photo frames and wine sets can be placed to improve the storage space and overall room decoration effect.

In addition, the surface of this wardrobe is very smooth, the handle design is unique and exquisite, and the high-end design style makes people feel bright. The unique color and the corresponding color of the floor make this wardrobe a special grade. The following small series will introduce you to this wardrobe in detail.

Material evaluation:

Alsa wardrobe evaluation

Material evaluation

The door is made of American cherry wood with an average density of 580kg/m3 and a specific gravity of 0.58. Wood has good bending properties, low hardness, medium strength and impact resistance. The waterborne wood lacquer used on the surface is one of the most environmentally friendly and non-toxic green products in wood coatings. At present, waterborne wood lacquer has been widely used in Europe and the United States, and it is still a high-grade green consumer product in other regions and needs to be promoted.

Detail evaluation:

Alsa red cherry solid wood wardrobe

Detail evaluation

The top of the wardrobe is decorated with a Roman column. The delicate and delicate carvings blend the European and American styles into the overall style, which seamlessly blends the taste design with the wardrobe and is luxurious and luxurious.

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Alsa red cherry solid wood wardrobe evaluation details

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