Softer thermoplastic elastomers available

In the SantopreneTM TPE8000 series, AES also successfully developed a softer thermoplastic elastomer X8211-25. This product has the excellent properties of fully vulcanized elastomers, while having a softer, dry and silky touch, but also very easy to color. It is suitable for use in a wide variety of consumer goods and packaging applications that require not only softer handles but also performance that withstands frequent exposure to heat, oil, chemicals, and other solvents. As Alf Nielsen, AES's global manager of consumer marketing, puts it: “This new grade of Santoprene TPE is suitable for high-quality consumer products, and its products are targeted for applications that pursue fashion, high-tech, or both style and functionality.”

The X8211-25 TPE withstands quite a few dishwasher washings and is well tolerant to high temperatures and chemicals, including edible oils. At the same time, it also has good resistance to compression deformation. These advantages make it ideal for consumer products used in harsh environments, as well as those that require longer-lasting product applications that do not evolve oil.

The TPE's greatest feature is the combination of soft touch and good engineering performance, which allows consumer product designers and manufacturers to no longer have to soften their products by sacrificing product performance as before, resulting in more The design choices and more complex product shapes become possible. In addition, this new brand also has the advantage of non-hygroscopicity and therefore does not require drying.

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