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Patent Name Multifunctional Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Cap Patent Applicant Qiu Zhongming Principal Applicant Address 224300 Room 3-101, Huanghai New Village, Hede Town, Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Inventor Qiu Zhongming; Hong Hui; Tao Naiwan Application (Patent) No. 200420061485.7 Date of Application 2004.09.30 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2743262 Audit Notice Day 2005.11.30 Manual CD-ROM D0548 Main Classification Number B65D41/32 Classification No. B65D41/32; B65D81/36 Division Original Claim No. Priority Abstracts Multi-function Anti-Counterfeiting Bottle Cap, It is a container package, especially a lidded container package. It includes a jacket and an inner lid, the inner surface of the jacket being in close contact with the outer surface of the inner lid. The key technology is to provide a connection tooth at the port of the outer jacket, a boss at the port of the inner cover, and a recessed hole corresponding to the connection tooth on the boss. Alternatively, a recessed hole is provided in the port of the outer jacket, and a connecting tooth corresponding to the recessed hole is provided on the boss of the inner lid port. The bottle cap has a clever concept, a unique structure, and a good anti-counterfeit effect; after the bottle cap is opened, the jacket can also be used as a wine glass, etc. to achieve a multi-use purpose; the structure is simple, and the production cost can be effectively reduced. Sovereignty item 1. A multifunctional anti-counterfeit bottle cap, comprising a jacket (1) and an inner lid (2), the inner surface of the jacket (1) being closely attached to the outer surface of the inner lid (2), characterized by being in a jacket (1 Ports are provided with connecting teeth (3). Ports of the inner lid (2) are provided with bosses (4). Bosses (4) are provided with recessed holes (5) corresponding to the connecting teeth (3). International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Chengdu Fujun Patent Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Yang Haiyan Yang Gang

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