Open broken wire anti-counterfeiting bottle

Patent Name Open Broken Wire Anti-Falsification Bottle Patent Applicant Min Guanzhong Principal Applicant Address 071051 Unit 1, Block 4, No. 11 Dongfeng Middle Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province 303 Inventor Yu Guanzhong Application (Patent) No. 200420049184.2 Application Date 2004.04.20 Certification Date Approval Announcement No. 2734657 Auditor’s announcement date 2005.10.19 Manual CD-ROM D0542 Main classification number B65D55/06 Classification number B65D55/06 Sub-item Original application number Priority claim Abstract This utility model is an open broken wire anti-counterfeiting bottle, used for alcohol or bottled Anti-counterfeiting of liquids is mainly aimed at the counterfeit way of refilling empty bottles. It can be glass bottles of various shapes, and it does not damage the bottle mouth when opened. When the bottle is formed, a thin metal wire, such as copper wire and stainless steel wire, is embedded in the neck of the bottle neck. One end of the bottle is embedded in the raised glass, and the other end of the thin metal wire is sealed on the bottle cap after sealing. There is a section of metal wire that can be seen outside the bottleneck. When the cover is opened, the fine metal wire will be broken. Some broken wires remain in the embedded glass. After the re-sealing, the broken fine wire cannot be restored to the original state. It is easy to distinguish the opened bottle, which is simple and convenient to open, and it can effectively play the anti-counterfeiting effect without damaging the bottle mouth. Sovereignty item 1. A kind of open broken wire anti-counterfeiting bottle used for alcohol or bottled liquid anti-counterfeiting, applicable to glass bottles and plastic or metal bottle caps, characterized in that the glass is embedded in the protruding part of the bottle neck (1) One end of the wire (2), after the sealing, the other end of the wire (2) is fixed on the bottle cap (3).

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