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The relationship between mesh size and moiré

In the screen printing process, the occurrence of moire is unavoidable, but if the correct selection of process parameters, in the plate making operation and other aspects to take certain measures to control, moire can be reduced, therefore, in addition to check the color separation film quality, Choosing the right screen, the screen printing process can not be ignored, such as whether the squeegee is straight (there are already special metal squeegee for dot printing), the pressure is even and the surface state of the substrate and so on.


With a dot angle of 22.5°, dot lines are 18 lines/cm, 25 lines/cm, 33 lines/cm, and 40 lines/cm, with a step difference of 10%, from 5% to 95% in increasing order, The screens were printed on the following mesh, the screen was 90° stretched and the tension was 15 N/cm).

(1) 120-31Y PW screen with various lines of dots The angle between the film and the screen is 15°, the moire is the weakest.
(2) 140-34Y PW screen 140 lines / cm mesh film and screen angle, in 10% to 80% of the part when the angle is 80 °, 90% still have moire.
Line 233/cm, outlet 0% to 70%, the included angle is 90°, no moire can be seen, and more than 80% of the dots have vertical stripes.
325 lines / cm mesh film at 10% to 90%, the included angle of 93 °, do not see the moire.
The 418 line/cm is not related to the angle setting and it is not prone to mutual interference.

(3) 165-34W PW screen

When the angle between the 140 lines/cm mesh film and the screen is 102°, the moiré pattern is minimal;
When the angle between the film and the screen is 233 lines/cm, the moiré pattern is minimal;
When the included angle between film and screen of 325 lines/cm is 95°, the moiré is not obvious at 10%~30% and 60%~70%, and cross-talk patterns appear at 40%~50%.
No obvious moiré will appear at any angle between the 418 lines/cm mesh film and the screen.
The experimental results show that the screens on the screens (including the screens) have a best matching angle with the screens of different screens. The moiré seen at this optimal angle is the smallest and the least visible.

1 When the dot angle and the stretch angle change, the best matching angle also changes.

2 The number of screen meshes, the number of screens, and the angles of the dichroic screens are well matched, and the pattern of the screens on the screens produced is not obvious.

3 From the test of this specific condition, it can also be seen that using a 140-34Y PW net to make a 33 line/cm screen has a poorer result than making 40 lines/cm. Making a 25 line/cm screen with a 165-34W PW screen results in poorer results than making 40 lines/cm. This shows that as long as the minimum dot can be attached to the screen without losing it, and no moire appears, the higher the screen number is, the better the screen printing effect is.

2. The relationship between the number of screen meshes and the number of screens

(1) Select the number of screen meshes and the number of screen lines as the principle of weakening the moire as much as possible.
(2) Under the premise of guaranteeing the integrity of the printing outlets, the screen with a slightly lower mesh number, but with a mesh number higher than the mesh number, has a good printing effect, as shown in FIG. 1 .
(3) The minimum dot size shall be equal to 2 times the wire diameter of the screen used (d) plus 1 mesh width (M0), ie, 2d+M0. Otherwise, the screen dot on the screen and the screen may not be firmly attached to the screen. Lost, as shown in Table 1.
(4) The number of different screens, the size of each corresponding screen (μm) is different. Screen printing screen selected, as much as possible choose M0> d, printing ink on time and leveling is beneficial, reduce the formation of the moire pattern due to mesh barrier, which can print the smallest dot.

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