Bottle cap for viscous liquid

Patent name A cap for viscous liquids Patent Applicant Song Tao Principal Applicant Address 710082 No. 30, Building 405, No. 98, Daqing Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Inventor Song Tao Application (Patent) No. 200320109809.5 Date of Application 2003.11.21 Issue date approval announcement No. 2697011 Date of approval announcement 2005.05.04 Specification CD No. D0518 Main classification number B65D47/40 Classification No. B65D47/40; B65D23/06 Sub-division Original Application No. Priority Item Abstract This utility model is a kind of equipment used for holding costumes. Diffuse liquid container diversion cap. The problem to be solved by the utility model is that after people dump the viscous liquid such as honey, the outside of the bottle wall is no longer contaminated. So eliminate the trouble of wiping. The utility model is characterized in that the liquid nozzle and the inlet air space are arranged, and there is a certain distance between the liquid outlet and the inlet air space horizontal position and the vertical height. A backflow liquid diversion tank with a certain inclination is also provided. By using the characteristics of the fluid under gravity, both the liquid in the container can be poured out and the residual liquid at the outlet can be returned into the container. The utility model can be used on a packaging container with a certain viscosity liquid. Such as a bottle containing honey. Sovereignty Item 1. A bottle cap for viscous liquid, which is composed of two parts of the outer cover (c) and the inner cover, characterized in that: the upper surface of the inner cover has a recess; the end of the recess is provided with a liquid outlet (a) There is a small air inlet (b) at the other end of the depression. The inside of the lower end of the cap is threaded.

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