MD Series Film/Plastic Film Blowing Machine

The MD series mulching membranes are suitable for the production of 100% LLDPE or LDPE blended plastic film. The unit adopts the most advanced hot runner technology for extrusion molding, new technologies such as the special air ring for the plastic film, etc. The unit is designed with reasonable design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, small occupied space, convenient operation and maintenance; the product has good plasticization, high physical and mechanical properties, With strong anti-tearing capability, this unit has advanced technology and reasonable matching, so it has high output, low energy consumption, stability, and good reliability. It is the ideal process equipment for producing plastic film/single-layer film in the new century.

Reprinted from: Foreign Plastics

The corrugated electronics products boxes always with B, E, F, BE, BC flute corrugated material, along with the printed paper outside. The corrugated electronics products boxes can be custom printed paper box with different size, logo, material and finish. The corrugated electronics products boxes are always with inserts inside for the protection of the electronic products. These include the corrugated die cut inserts, thermo-formed plastic tray, EVA foam, sponge foam, as well as the molded paper pulp tray.

Electronics products box

Electronics Products Box

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