Product packaging and decoration character orientation

With the reform and opening up, the continuous development of social economy, the significance of modern product packaging and decoration has far exceeded the meaning of pure functional product packaging and decoration, people hope to have more new forms of packaging and decoration in line with their personality. This kind of personality behavior of packaging and decorating displays its own personality style in the process of consumer sales, shows various complex personality and feelings for the other party, and conveys subtle information, especially in the development of science and culture today, packaging and decoration will face a broader Market. Because of the more frequent exchanges with various nationalities and the need to open up the world market, it is necessary to further study the spiritual outlook that reflects this personality.

First, the character of product packaging and decoration

In Lin Li's similar products, in order to motivate consumers, it is necessary to establish a way to make their products stand out from other similar products. The performance of product packaging and decorating personality is a specific expression of the personality of consumers. The character of product packaging and decoration has two meanings: wide and narrow:

Broadly speaking, product packaging and decoration refers to the relatively independent character of the inner and outer forms. It is a product of human nature, that is, because humans use the objective laws of understanding and mastering in the process of practice to serve oneself, so that the human's essential forces are sentimentally manifested on natural objects, and regard nature as the inorganic body of man. “Humanized natural objects (product packaging and decoration) are stamped with a stamp of human practice, so that people can intuitively understand themselves, that is, people often say that “text is like people”, “objects (refer to the design of packaging and decoration products) such as its people”, etc. . In a narrow sense, the character of product packaging and decorating refers to the natural attributes of the material materials (quality, shape, and color of materials) that make up the product's packaging and decoration, as well as the character traits that they combine.

The personality characteristics of packaging materials are manifested by their surface texture. Various textures are often perceived through human visual and tactile sensations. By associating different textures to express different characters, if the surface is rough, there are simple and rough feelings. Smooth and delicate features such as elegance and quietness.

The shape and shape of the character is determined by the points, lines, surfaces and other elements (including the shape of the product package and the shape of the package decoration). For example, the shape (or shape) has a serious, stable character. The personality characteristics of the color of the product packaging are based on the association caused by people’s life experience. For example, red is bold, enthusiastic and compassionate; blue is deep and calm; yellow is fun and frivolous; blue is old-fashioned, Leisure and so on, all colors have their own personality traits.

The personality characteristics of the above materials, types, and colors are combined according to a certain rule on the packaging and decoration of products, and it is a unique character of product packaging and decoration. In short, the personality characteristics of product packaging and decoration are the natural manifestation of humanization and the product of the “accumulation” of social life practice. As a result of the process of natural humanization, the accumulation of social rational history accumulated in individual perception. The rational, intuitive product packaging and decoration, so that all types of packaging products reflect their own relatively independent character traits. Such as paper round packaging lively, light; iron square packaging rigorous, dignified and so on.

Second, the personality of consumers

The personality tendency of consumers refers to the sum of the relatively stable psychological features shown by consumers in their attitude towards the objective things and social behaviors, and there is a strong individuality, that is, personality. The formation of consumers' personality traits is the crystallization of a variety of factors of certain physiological, psychological, and social ideologies. The innate physiological quality is the natural basis for its formation, and the acquired education and training practices are the social conditions for its formation. The development of individual personality traits of consumers, on the one hand, through physiological inheritance, enables the development of increasingly human and increasingly sophisticated brain functions in new individuals, constituting a new individual personality. On the other hand, with the increase of age, the influence of the objective environment has a tremendous and profound effect on the formation of human personality. Of course, under the influence of certain conditions, there will be different specific performances. However, as a whole, the performance of the consumer's personality in reality is relatively stable and has strong individuality, that is, personality. For consumers of the same age and gender, and the same occupation, their personality will show some same personality disposition due to environmental factors, but the degree of disposition tends to be different. For example: the total personality of children is provocative Innocent, but there are different degrees of personality, some slightly introverted, and some will be more lively, and so on in other categories.

Third, product packaging and decoration character positioning and consumer personality

The character of product packaging and decorating is achieved through the unity of consumers' personality in the process of consumption. Because consumers have different personalities, they also differ in the choice of goods. The presence of product packaging and decorating determines the types of products to be accepted, which means that consumers actually choose products when they choose their products. The form of packaging and decoration of one's own character (also known as likeness) makes it necessary to pay attention to the image and character of the packaging in the design of packaging and decorating of goods. Even the same product should have multiple forms of packaging and decoration, so as to be able to provide many different characters. Consumers provide the choices they need. For children's merchandise, there should be a lively, naive character with packaging and decoration products; for men's merchandise, the overall should have masculinity and mature packaging and decoration design, that is, for different ages, genders, etc. Personality characteristics to design and adapt to their own personality characteristics of product packaging and decoration, so that the product's packaging and decoration character and consumer's personality are unified, in order to promote consumption.


From the above analysis, the character of the product packaging and decoration must meet the consumer's personality in order to stimulate the completion of consumer behavior. Consumers can truly obtain the products they are satisfied with, so as to complete the material consumption and also complete the spiritual consumption. This is the responsibility and task of modern packaging and decoration design.

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