Compostable corrugated packaging material

   The corrugated material is an intumescent sheet made from Mater-Bi biodegradable material from Italy Novamont. This corrugated, closed cell foam material has good impact resistance and can protect the target very well. Its performance is similar to those of traditional packaging products, and after use it can be disposed of by composting with food waste, or through sewage sludge treatment plants. Wave by Mater-Bi's wave product is a very innovative and patented technology that enables the industrial production of expandable starch-based foams with a robust, resilient, closed-cell structure. It can be made into individual sheets and plates of various sizes with a density of 30-400 kg/cubic.

Figure 6: Expandable Foam Sheets
(Source: Novamont)

Novamont's laboratory tests have shown that Mater-Bi foam sheets are resistant to mechanical shock absorption and shock absorption, comparable to polyurethane foams, and have excellent dimensional stability even under very high relative humidity conditions. As well as good production flexibility, with these properties, it can be processed into final packaged products using conventional polyurethane foam technology. Waveform products from Mater-Bi materials broaden Novamont's range of packaging applications, including loose fillers, thermoformed tubs, extruded mesh materials and fabrics for packaging food and non-food clear films.

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Stainless steel utensils set

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