Daily broadcast - World premiere: Three enthusiast smart bikes released to top beasts

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1. World premiere: Launch three enthusiast smart bikes to top beasts

2. Snowboarding world champion Yabuli started Chinese players to single out Red Bull Coffee

3.Under Armour also pushes 3D printed shoes, running is the next growth point

4.MERRELL Taiwan to set up “savage” to drive Taiwan’s trail running

5. Human lost! What happened to AlphaGo's first stop winning Li Shishi?

World premiere: Launching three enthusiast smart bikes to top Beast Brand Beasts

On March 10th, Beast Riding held a new product launch event in Beijing's 751 Art District. It released the SPEEDX series of sporty bicycles with smart elements, including MUSTANG mountain bikes, LEOPARD road bikes, and the upgraded LEOPARD PRO road bikes. Compared with other smart bicycles, which focus on leisure rides and commuter use, these three bicycles all use carbon fiber frames and use SHIMANO's competition-grade transmission and transmission kits to maximize sports performance and cooperate with the beast’s intelligent control center. A smart + sports both sides take into account the attitude. Beast riding CEO Li Gang called SPEEDX a fever-class smart exercise bike, a word that basically includes smart hardware and the best compliments on bicycles.

SPEEDX this conference is mainly hosted by the beast riding CEO Li Gang, Li Gang as China's entrepreneurial industry's "old bird" before the beast also has 360 smart keys, quick buttons and other entrepreneurial experience, so the speech level is quite good. Under the audience, there were also many honourable guests present at the meeting, such as Xu Xiaoping (co-founder of New Oriental), the founder of real-world funds. It can be seen in the field of venture capitalism that the beast riding this family quickly completed the angel round and A round in one year. With the A+ round of financing, start-up companies with a total financing amount of close to 100 million yuan attach great importance. In the relatively narrow smart car startup team, after less than successful 2015, beast riding a new round of financing in March there are new products released, the limelight greatly over the 700bike, basic concepts and other seniors.

At the end of the conference, Li Gang announced that the beasts will come up with 20 million and organize 100 cycling events with a distance of 200 kilometers. In the past year, the author has heard that LeTV and 700bike announced plans to plan a large-scale offline cycling event. The beasts are now coming to play a piece. The competition among smart bike companies not only extends from APP to smart bicycles, but also continues. Expanding into offline activities, under the guidance of Internet thinking, the coverage of a vertical industry chain may be the pursuit of smart cycling innovation team.

Snowboarding world champion Yabuli started Chinese players to single out Red Bull Coffee

The 2016 Snowboard World Championships will be held in Harbin Yabuli Ski Resort from March 10th to 16th.

This world snowboarding championship is a top-level event created by the World Veneer League and the World Veneer Professional Skaters League. The competition will set up snowboard slopestyle, U-pool and jumping platform. The Red Bulls in Austria have confirmed that they have formed a strong lineup. Kelly Clarke, Jamie Anderson and Mark McMoris and other winter Olympics, world champions and snowboard superstars will join the competition. In addition, Zhang Yiwei, Cai Xuetong, and Liu Jiayu of China's snowboarding teams will also lead the Chinese ski team players in the competition.

By then, you can watch live broadcasts on multiple media such as Heilongjiang TV stations.

Under Armour also pushes 3D printed shoes, running is the next growth point

After Nike, adidas and New Balance, the next entry into the field of 3D printed running shoes is Under Armour.

According to reports, the design concept of this pair of shoes is based on two years of research and development, involving the geometric structure of the midsole, 3D printing to create a three-dimensional model. With only 96 pairs sold, each priced at 299.99 US dollars, UA Architech will not bring much improvement to Under Armour sales. Importantly, the increasing popularity of 3D printing in the sports world can help companies adjust the design of running shoes and test how shoes can be strengthened.

Under Armour is generally known for training equipment, but at present, footwear products have gradually become a strong growth category of the company. In 2015, footwear increased by 57% to US$680 million, while equipment grew by 22%. According to the fourth quarter 2015 financial report, footwear accounted for 14.8% of Under Armour’s revenue.

However, the good sales of Under Armour's sneakers were mainly due to the excellent performance of spokesperson Stephen Curry. Running shoes are still their short boards. The advent of UA Architech means that the company is stepping up preparations. After all, running shoes are the most commonly sold categories in footwear.

MERRELL Taiwan Sets up "Wild Man" to Drive Taiwan's Trail Running

American outdoor brand MERRELL took root in Taiwan for 10 years. Taiwan’s “savage” outdoor sports community was established recently to drive the domestic cross-country running culture and attracted the attention of the US head office.

Wang Ting, the general manager of Taiwan's general agent MERRELL International, said that there are many excellent outdoor activity communities in foreign countries, and Taiwan has such a good natural environment that he hopes to encourage more young people to go outdoors. In general, the young ethnic groups have the stereotype of “activities performed by older people” for hiking and climbing. Wang Ting said that in fact, hiking and climbing have more interesting and diverse forms. They use outdoor sports to experience the natural environment.

Wang Ting emphasized that since its inception in September 2014, it has conducted 10 outdoor activities and participated in more than 3,000 people. It invited professional coaches to plan courses to train the students to experience trail running in the mountains, challenging ancient roads, mudstones, mountain trails, and rocks. Various terrains allow students to understand how to integrate into running techniques and to challenge different terrains. Wang Ting explained that when the “Gangren Gang” was just established, there were less than 10% female members. The current ratio of male to female was 7 to 3, and the growth rate of females gradually increased. In the past, there have been 10 large- and small-scale activities. It is estimated that 10 outdoor sports will be held this year. Through the training of seed members and coaches, more people can get close to nature through outdoor activities.

Human lose! What happened to AlphaGo's first stop winning Li Shishi?

On March 9, a match between the computer and the human brain began. South Korean world champion Li Shishi Jiu Duan and the computer Go software AlphaGo game developed by Google Corporation are in Seoul, South Korea, but humans lost, the game after fierce competition, and finally Li Shishi mistakes by Google's Alpha dog defeated, and finally throw in the towel.

Well, our Terran representatives lost to Alpha Dog this machine. What can artificial intelligence bring to our outdoor sports life?

Smart products have already developed in recent years, but apart from mobile phones, distance can't be ignored. Let us imagine that this kind of deep learning, enhanced learning, and a supercomputer with a huge database can really have a relationship with our outdoor life.

I think the first is physical training. The current fitness software can only record our training and fitness conditions. Is there a super-smart product with long-term and in-depth learning ability? It will be your unique fitness trainer. Through the record of your recent fitness, it will be tailored to your personal training program and even simulate your figure. It will tell you that after weeks or even months of exercise, you can gain weight and lose weight. How much, as well as the reminder of the simulation at that time, I think it is quite exciting. Analysis of navigation and road conditions, integration of route optimization solutions (it seems that current Baidu maps still pit people on the underworld), voice navigation, and road surface analysis are slope analysis or hints of road bumps and vehicle conditions in case of emergency People can offer solutions to humans before they can react.

If artificial intelligence develops rapidly, it is bound to transform the traditional and obsolete bicycle industry in the future (suspected of the words of an entrepreneurial team, borrowed first), that is, a series of improvements from production, testing, and sales. Maybe afterwards, the sales of the car shop will no longer need labor, and the factory production will be completely replaced by machines. (At present, factories in the electronics industry are already trying, of course, the level of intelligence is not high enough.) Products from the first day of production to sales and then to the consumer during the ride, the company's machine has been able to continuously track and feedback, collect analysis data, in the next version of the product design to find a comfortable geometric shape, more attractive Human appearance, etc...

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