Why is melamine sheet used in furniture making?

In addition to solid wood furniture, most of the high-end panel furniture says that its own sheet is melamine board, especially the mid-to-high end overall wardrobe. According to industry insiders, the melamine resin synthesized from melamine has excellent water resistance, heat resistance, arc resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics, and the finished veneer can be used for furniture, flooring and interior decoration. Compared with traditional sticker furniture, melamine board can be used in the home field since its birth, because it can withstand high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance and fire resistance. At present, the mainstream panel furniture on the market is basically made of melamine veneer, which is based on particleboard and melamine impregnated paper as the finish. The color and texture of the furniture surface depend on the effect of this veneer. Melamine impregnated paper can be easily processed into veneers with different styles and strong textures. Therefore, the finished furniture has more changes in the design, giving people different aesthetic feelings, and is more durable and difficult to surface. The advantages of discoloration, peeling, etc., fully meet the needs of modern homes that are constantly evolving.

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