New characteristics of the European market: rock climbing, women, families, cycling

New characteristics of the European market: rock climbing, women, families, cycling Date: 2016-03-22 10:35

For Europe and other developed countries, sports have already reached the stage of all-people sports. For example, in football, the world's first sport, Europe’s five major leagues not only have the best players in the world, but also have a broad fan base. Moreover, some large-scale sports events will stimulate the growth of sales of sporting goods. The European sporting goods market has the following characteristics:

rock climbing:

In Europe, outdoor sports develop rapidly and people are keen to go outdoors for exercise and fitness. In addition to the traditional Alpine sports such as hiking, mountain climbing and skiing, modern climbing sports are also popular with people. The number of participants in competitive climbing, free climbing and indoor rock climbing is Growth, especially young people, is particularly fond of climbing. In Germany alone, there are 350 walls for indoor climbing.


In the field of outdoor product sales, women are one of the driving forces behind their growth. This explains why more and more big brands are launching women's products. In the past few years, sales of outdoor products have increased by 20%, of which women have contributed, because more than 40% of rock climbing enthusiasts are women. For example, at the German Alpine Club, the number of female members has grown by more than 30% in the past few years, while the number of male members has only increased by 15%. For outdoor apparel sales, women have dominated the market.


The major trend in the home fitness market is that the use of fitness equipment and fitness networks has been simplified. The setting of fitness equipment should be simple, and the use of fitness computer should be simplified. Small fitness equipment will also be popular, such as home fitness bars, fitness balls and wrist dumbbells. Space-saving, easy-to-store, maintenance-free and stylish products will bring huge benefits.

bicycle exercise:

Cycling continues to grow: The market demand for electric bikes continues to grow. More and more Europeans like to ride outdoors. In addition to the bicycle itself, the bicycle wear is more and more important. The bicycle wear must not only be fashionable, but also must be multifunctional.

Online shopping:

Recently, according to the latest statistics from Eurostat, three quarters of users in the EU between the ages of 16 and 74 years have used the Internet for a year, and about 60% of them use the Internet to purchase goods. service. In the purchase of outdoor products, the proportion of Internet users buying goods and services through the Internet in EU member states is different due to the different levels of economic development in each country. The proportion of online shopping in Western European and Nordic countries is significantly higher than in Central and Eastern European countries.

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