What is the price of Haier refrigerator? How about Haier refrigerator?

The refrigerator is an essential electrical appliance for every family. When it comes to the refrigerator, the first reaction of many people is the Haier refrigerator. Xiaobian remembers that there is an electrical appliance at home from Haier. We are talking about Haier refrigerator today. Everyone still remembers the incident of Haier burning the refrigerator. Then in the end How about Haier refrigerator ? What is the price of Haier refrigerator ? Now the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will briefly introduce Haier refrigerator.

How about Haier refrigerator?


1, for the quality of Haier refrigerator, everyone care is no longer its true quality problems and more concerned about its functionality. Haier refrigerator, fast cooling, stable, automatic low temperature compensation technology, Haier refrigerator can automatically adjust the cooling temperature according to external temperature changes, to avoid food rot and deterioration, worry and save energy.

2, Haier refrigerator repair provides a free warranty for three years of service, after which you need to pay, and now Haier also launched a value-added extended warranty service that can extend the warranty period of one to five years, the price is about two or three hundred yuan, There is no additional charge for maintenance during the extended warranty period, and a free maintenance and cleaning will be carried out once a year.

3. Since its establishment, Haier Refrigerator has strictly checked the quality, and the story of “砸冰箱” is well known. Haier refrigerators not only focus on quality, but also always innovate to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. Haier refrigerator has introduced a series of refrigerators, such as antibacterial refrigerator, soft frozen refrigerator, light wave fresh-keeping refrigerator, fluorine-free frost-free refrigerator, Casa di French-style door, Casa di Italian three-door, Casa di six-door refrigerator, etc. They are all new products that are launched to meet the needs of users.

What is the price of Haier refrigerator?


Model: BCD-216SCM Reference Price: ¥2564
Haier/ Haier BCD-215SJV three-door refrigerator 2099 yuan
Haier/ Haier BC-130A/130 liters 999 yuan
Haier / Casa Di DCA-48C / 48 liters 764 yuan
Haier / Haier BCD-133EN / 133 liters 1289 yuan
Haier / Haier BCD-241WDBB/241 l 3999 yuan
Haier/Haier BCD-160TB/160 liter 1469 yuan

Relatively speaking, the price of double-door refrigerators will be relatively higher. The brand reputation of Haier refrigerators in the market is still very high. I hope that these small pieces can help you a lot. More decoration materials should pay attention to the decoration. Home decoration network material selection manual column!

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