Collection of mahogany heritage culture

Yuan Henry will focus on building Ming style furniture next year to cater to consumer demand.

In September this year, the Yuan Henry Cultural and Art Demonstration Hall was officially opened in the Songzhuang Painter's District, collecting traditional hardwood furniture, strange stones, paintings and other art collections. Yang Bo, chairman of Beijing Yuan Henry Hardwood Furniture Co., Ltd., said that Yuan Henry intends to build a large-scale cultural museum that integrates functions such as exhibition, auction and display, and carries out cultural inheritance and industrial development.

The Yuan Henry Cultural and Art Demonstration Hall is the result of many years of preparations by Yang Bo. There are many high-end Ming and Qing dynasties, rosewood furniture and Yang Bo's personal collections. Yang Bo said frankly: "The charm of classical art such as mahogany furniture does not only come from the scarcity of materials, the improvement of craftsmanship, but also the carrier of Chinese art culture. The completion of the cultural and art demonstration hall will benefit the inheritance and development of classical culture. It not only displays the collection of classical furniture and art products for many years, but also enhances the cultural taste of the company. In addition, the book "Mu Mu Tang" containing most of Yang Bo's collection will be officially published at the end of the year.

The famous writer and collector Haiyan commented that the completion of the Yuan Henry Cultural and Art Demonstration Museum and the publication of "Yu Mu Tang" will be a milestone in the traditional home culture and collection industry. Ma Wenhui, the intangible cultural heritage of the Ministry of Culture, once commented that the completion of the Yuan Henry Cultural and Art Demonstration Pavilion is a model for entrepreneurs to actively participate in the spread and protection of traditional culture.

Yang Bo, who has been in the business world for many years, is also happy to share his experiences and opinions with many collectors. He said: "We are rushing around the production line of materials, factories and other production lines, and we are very clear about the market changes. We are willing to share this information with consumers so that they can rationally choose the collection that suits them. This is corporate social responsibility. It also contributes to the development of the standardization of the mahogany market."

When talking about next year, Yang Bo said that at present, in the mahogany furniture market, Ming-style furniture has been favored by more and more people for its advantages of being durable and high-grade. The popularity has exceeded the trend of Qing style furniture. Yuan Henry will focus on building Ming-style furniture next year to enhance the production capacity of Ming-style furniture and cater to the quality needs of consumers. In the future, Yuan Henry plans to build a large art museum in Songzhuang, which is scheduled to open in 2016. Yang Bo said that this large-scale museum will integrate exhibition, exhibition, auction and other functions to integrate cultural communication with the cultural industry.

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Market demand increased significantly at the end of the year

Beijing News: What is the happiest thing this year?

Yang Bo (Chairman of Beijing Yuan Henry Hardwood Furniture Co., Ltd.): After the 11th year of this year, the industry market has seen a significant recovery; after the 18th National Congress, the industry sales have improved significantly. The redwood industry is the economic vane. At the end of this year, the market demand has increased significantly, and the business of each company has been done well. This is my pleasure.

Beijing News: What is regrettable this year?

Yang Bo: In the first half of the year, the market was not very good. Due to the influence of economic regulation, everyone was not selling, and they were not very happy.

Beijing News: If tomorrow is really the end of the world, what do you hope to do today?

Yang Bo: Whenever it is the end, we have to be tempted every day. In the operation of the enterprise, we must be worthy of consumers every day, be responsible to the employees, and treat each other with sincerity. Even if the end of the world comes, we have done meaningful things and have a clear conscience.

Beijing News: What do you think is the benchmark?

Yang Bo: Benchmarking companies are companies that set an example for other companies in terms of products, management, and attitudes toward consumers. Consumer recognition is the foundation of business survival.

Beijing News: What do you think of the macroeconomic situation next year?

Yang Bo: I think it will be very good next year. First, market demand will increase and consumers will be more confident. After May next year, raw materials will be more tight and the appreciation space will be larger than in 2011. I think that the rosewood will have an appreciation space of 30% and the rosewood will reach 15%. According to industry practice, the materials are cheaper at the end of each year. I don't think there will be any cheap or even a slight increase before the Spring Festival this year. My view was also recognized by many companies during the annual meeting. The whole industry is still very optimistic about the economic situation next year.

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