Six suggestions for printing companies to achieve green printing


While implementing the green printing strategy, while paying attention to the health and safety of people's livelihood, it also emphasizes that the recent interests of enterprises are combined with the long-term interests of the country, green benefits and economic benefits are in line, and green printing is of key significance to China's sustainable development.

From the perspective of people's livelihood, green printing and the implementation of green printing development strategy are the only way for human survival and development. It is not only beneficial to print users, but also beneficial to the environment and society. It also benefits the employees engaged in the printing industry; Green printing can also meet the internal needs of printing companies to adjust their strategies and enhance their core competitiveness. The state advocates not only from the environmental protection transformation of existing equipment and technology, but also from the design of production process and the selection of various raw and auxiliary materials, reducing waste emissions and strengthening harmless treatment. The following are the authors. Suggestions:

1. Start with management, improve production efficiency and reduce material and energy consumption by adopting ERP management software to optimize production process and other measures.

2. Introduce advanced equipment to eliminate traditional equipment with large environmental pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency.

3. Using green printing materials and process technology, comprehensively evaluate the materials used to ensure green materials, such as FSC paper, recycled paper, soy ink, water-based ink, UV ink, alcohol-free fountain solution, water-based glue, PUR Glue, high-cleaning car wash water, etc.; using screen soft proofing, CTP plate making, waterless offset printing , digital printing , flexographic printing, computer color matching, wire processing and other process technologies.

4. Reduce the use and loss of materials, such as: reduce the paper opening, weight, through the color management, ink presets and other technologies to reduce the rate of boot waste; use ink-saving software, centralized ink supply and other technologies to save ink; The printing solution is recycled and recycled; the waste paper generated by the printing process is recycled and re-cut into corresponding sizes for proofing, office, and the like.

5. Create an environment-friendly working environment, such as: using solar power, power supply system; replacing lighting fixtures with energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, long-life LED lights; in the workshop air compression, vacuum, blast, heat, exhaust, to the center The system replaces the decentralized single machine, improves efficiency, reduces the air conditioning load of the workshop, saves energy; increases the fresh air in the workshop and reduces the temperature by installing the negative pressure exhaust device; adopts the rainwater comprehensive utilization system.

6. Establish a waste recycling system to classify the waste; the waste is collected and recycled by the supplier or qualified contractor, and disposed of properly; the secondary combustion device is installed to protect the environment.

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