What are the unique cheats for high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration failure?

The high and low temperature box does not cool, which means that there is a problem with the compressor. A complete refrigeration system is composed of a compressor, a condenser, a throttling device and some auxiliary equipment. When the system works, the various devices are interconnected and interact with each other. In the event of a failure, a comprehensive inspection of the entire system, a comprehensive analysis, to find out the cause of the failure.

High and low temperature box refrigeration failure. What are the unique cheats to be mastered? The body analysis is summarized as follows: one look, two listen, three touch plus analysis.

At first glance, it refers to viewing the values ​​of various instruments, such as oil pressure, temperature, current, etc., checking the operation and maintenance records of the equipment, and checking the frosting or condensation on the surface of the suction pipe and the evaporator, etc.

Second, it means listening to the sound of the high and low temperature box compressor, listening to the sound of the refrigerant in the expansion valve, listening to the operation of the equipment and abnormal phenomena.

The three touches are the degree of heat and cold of the system piping and related components, as well as the vibration of the equipment during operation.

Analysis refers to the use of refrigeration equipment related theory, analysis of the occurrence of fault phenomena, judgment, and find out the reasons.

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