What are the test methods for the paper tension tester?

Tensile testing machine by the control system, measurement system, a computer drive system and the like structures, commonly used in rubber materials, plastic materials, metallic materials and other products tested

First, the tensile testing machine can usually be divided into the following four stages:

      1.10ab - The point a in the elastic deformation stage corresponds to the PP value called the proportional limit load .

      The point b corresponding to the Pe value is called the elastic limit load ( the maximum resistance to permanent deformation does not occur ) 0 - a section , L is proportional to the p- linear phase a - b section of a very slight amount of plastic deformation (0.001-0.005%)

2. BK - Partially Concentrated Deformation Stage ( Contraction ) K Point is the Breakpoint Corresponding Pk Value Breaking Load

    3.bcd) —Deformation phase c point Compliance point Corresponding PS c - d Waveform section "Platform"

4.dB —The intensity limit load ( the maximum load that can be accepted ) corresponding to the Pb value data at point B in the average plastic deformation stage

II. Crunch test

       But contrary to the tensile test, the material for pressure strength measurement at a static pressure effects, the relative reduction rate and the increase rate, etc. section, the fundamental requirement of the pattern is tightening two end faces to support parallel. By the use of ordinary The use of universal testing machine and pressure testing machine . The bending test is mainly used to determine the bending strength limit, elastic modulus and maximum deflection of data or components . It can be divided into simple beam bending test and pure bending test.

Three . Hardness test

It is an agile and economical mechanical test method . It is one of the most common methods used to measure the mechanical function of data . It is the only test that does not damage the mechanical function of the test piece . There are also change tests, euphemism tests, and durability tests in the product test . Creep test, relaxation test

       IV. Shear test

It is mainly used to determine the shear resistance of data, and it is generally used to evaluate the quality of rivet wire. Shearing experiments are divided into single shearing and bidirectional shearing experiments. The instrument is an all-round material testing machine.

       V. Impact Test

The energy difference between the front and the back of the pendulum is used to determine the toughness and brittleness of the sample . It is characterized by large impact , short working time , and change.

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