Vision system makes real-time control possible

Thanks to the patented vision system, PET bottle testing is no longer a "puzzle game" on Sidel's blow molding machine.

Sidel's large-capacity bottle blowing machine introduced pressco's Intellispec BNS vision inspection system. This latest PET bottle inspection system inspects all Sidel-made containers for important parts of the container (bottom, bottle neck, bottle wall, and The top edge of the bottle is thoroughly checked. The real-time data collected from the tests are continuously collected so that the entire production process can be monitored and adjusted.

Greg Luka, Technical Director of Sidel's Blow Molding and Coating Products, said: "Pressco's technology is proactive rather than passive, which is exactly what we value. When the PET container is still in the blow molding machine. At the time, the key parts are tested so that there is no need to perform another inspection in the downstream process. Based on these real-time data, we can also eliminate the unqualified products in advance."

In addition to the ability to detect and reject defective products, the intelligent inspection system also features pressco's patented associated process monitoring capabilities. It is composed of associated sensors and home-grown software. This monitoring capability can monitor the status of any aircraft at any time. As a result, all defect information can be directly associated with the blow-molded parts that generate errors. Intellispec's software can even produce a convenient and intuitive graphical representation of this association. Therefore, regardless of the cause of the defect (blow molding, feed arm, delivery arm, or in which heating path the shaft of the preform is transferred), the operator of the machine can immediately know which component is causing the error. This saves a lot of time spent troubleshooting.

The Intellispec inspection system also detects and records the weight of components in real time, Luka added: “In more traditional operations without an intelligent inspection system, the quality control staff takes a bottle, cuts it with a hot wire, and inspects the bottle. The quality of each part, after using the Intellispec visual inspection system, it is no longer necessary to do these tasks.When the bottle is still in the process of transport, it can automatically detect all parts before being discharged into the blow molding machine. ."
Michel Picandet, Sidel’s vice president of marketing, said: “Intellispec's detection system allows us to more effectively detect the distribution of raw materials on containers. This was previously impossible, and now we have a decisive factor in the quality of the bottles. With a very clear understanding."

Source: Huayin Media

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