Three elements of bodybuilding training

Everyone wants to get the most satisfactory results in the shortest period of time after participating in bodybuilding training. How to make this wish come true? In general, the following three basic principles must be followed in order to make continuous progress and achieve what you want.

Scientific training methods

Whether you are a beginner or a mid- to high-level bodybuilder, you must scientifically arrange training according to your actual situation and training level, and gradually adjust and increase the amount of exercise. These include: what kind of differentiation training program to take; how to arrange the cycle training period; which parts of each training session to practice; each site to practice a few actions; each action to practice several groups; each group practice several times; each group How long does it take to break up; practice several times a week; and so on.

These contents must be properly arranged according to their training level and training purposes. The most common mistake is to win eager for action, not to increase the number of training movements, number of training groups, lengthening the training time, and increasing the training intensity blindly according to the actual level, resulting in excessive local muscle training and hindering the growth of physical strength and muscle mass. . In order to achieve a balanced development of the whole body muscles, it is necessary to obtain the most appropriate stimulation intensity for the muscles in various parts of the body and train them separately (referred to as “differential training”). For beginners and those who have been training for three months, they should practice three times a week (one day after another) and use three days and three divisions.

Each training should include the muscles of each major part of the body, each part to practice a movement, each action training 1--3 groups, each group 8 - 12 times, each group between the rest does not exceed 1 minute. Each training session The exercises should be different so that the local muscles are fully exercised. For mid-level athletes (training six months to more than one year), two-dividing training can be performed four days a week. Practice four times a week, practice one day off for two days, that is, training on the 2nd and 4th on Mondays and rest for the other 3 days.

On Mondays and Thursdays, practice chest, shoulder, triceps, calf, and abdominal muscles. Tuesday, Friday, practice leg muscles, back muscles, biceps, and forearm muscles. Each site exercises 2-3 movements (not the same), each movement trains three groups (no more than four groups), and the total number of groups for each movement is 10-12 groups. Each group practice 8-10 times (12-15 warm-up activities are usually not included in the basic group). For high-level and above people (two years or more years of training), three days can be divided into three groups or The four-day four-dividing training method is to practice one day of rest for three days and practice four days of rest for one day of cycle training.

Three days and three differentiations:

The first day: chest, shoulders, triceps, abdomen.

The next day: back, two heads, forearms.

The third day: the thighs, calves, and abdomen were divided in four days:

The first day: chest, three heads, and abdomen

The next day: back, back two, forearm, calf

The third day: four shares, two shares, forearms, and lower legs

Day 4: Shoulders, Lower Legs

Each position exercises 3-4 movements (different movements), each movement exercises 3-4 groups (the main movement does not exceed 5 groups), the total number of groups in each part is 12-14 groups, each group practice 6-8 Times (10-12 warm-ups).

Reasonable nutrition and diet

For bodybuilders, reasonable intake of nutrients and a strict diet system are indispensable conditions for growing muscle mass and maintaining a fit body.

The main nutrients the body needs are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. The question is how to supplement these nutrients. For bodybuilders, the general protein requirement accounts for about 1/3, the carbohydrate accounts for about 2/3, and the need for fat is very low.

To keep muscle mass growing, the key is to master the daily demand for protein. It takes 2-4 hours for the protein to be digested and absorbed in the body. If the ingested protein stays in the body for more than 8 hours, then the first 4 hours is the process of continuous absorption, and the last 4 hours is the discharge process. Therefore, the protein must be constantly replenished, and cannot be consumed too much at one time. This is an important reason why bodybuilding training eats several meals on time each day. For bodybuilders, if it is a high-intensity training day, then at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight will be consumed. On a lightweight training day, at least 1 gram of protein will be consumed per kilogram of body weight. Protein comes from protein, fish, beef, chicken and more. General meat contains 60% fat. Fish contains only a small amount of fat, only 6%, protein is up to 68%, protein contains 88% of protein. In fact, the pure protein provided to muscles is only 6% for chicken and 9% for protein. Proteins have complementary effects. In order to make better use of proteins and exert their effects, it is best to mix and eat protein and food.

Bodybuilding training or participating in competitions also requires ingesting large amounts of carbohydrates to provide heat. If you train immediately after eating the protein, you will feel that it will not work. Because the protein is very slow and not economical, you must use carbohydrates to ensure energy supply. Vitamins and minerals consumed during training should also be supplemented in a timely manner. If you eat more protein, you must add more minerals.

In addition to the diet, you must eat some nutrients as needed to make up for the lack of food nutrition. There are three main categories of nutrients: one is for high protein powders and amino acids needed for growth and muscle repair; the other is for carbohydrate powders or beverages that provide thermal energy and enhanced durability; third is vitamins and minerals that are in short supply for supplemental foods. substance.

Note that nutrition only plays a complementary role and cannot substitute for dietary nutrition. Regardless of body-building enthusiasts or body-builders, relying mainly on diet and nutrition, it is of the utmost importance to balance meals between meals (or meals). Proper rest and recovery This is the most important element of the three elements. Because after a sufficient amount of muscle stimulation, in addition to nutritional supplements, must be fully rested to eliminate fatigue, gain excess recovery, continue to grow thick and strong. After a training session, it usually takes 48 hours to rest. It takes 72-100 hours to fully recover muscles. In fact, the muscles after exercise are much faster than the muscles that have not been exercised.

When training shows a lack of enthusiasm and endurance in exercise, diminished muscle control, persistent pain in joints or muscles, insomnia, loss of appetite and other adverse reactions, it indicates that "training is excessive". At the same time, the training must pay attention to prevent the local muscles from overtraining, otherwise it will greatly affect the training effect, and will make the muscles shrink. The average time for each training session is 75 minutes, not more than 90 minutes. It is not allowed to extend the training time without increasing the number of training groups, and it is not allowed to increase the number of training actions and groups without reason.

In short, there should be enough rest and recovery time after each training session. If the strength of the training class is great, it must be rested the next day. You must feel that your body is recovering before you do the next training. In the heavy weight training period, light weight training must be appropriately arranged to adjust the training intensity.

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