There may be problems with the conclusions drawn after marking the subjects

A new study shows that the traditional method of marking steel pendants on penguin wings will affect the survival of penguins, and the scientific research conclusions drawn therefrom may also be problematic.

A new issue of the British "Nature" magazine published a report saying that researchers from institutions such as the University of Strasbourg in France conducted a 10-year follow-up study on penguins on an island in the ocean near Antarctica. The results showed that penguins with steel rings on their wings had a 16% lower survival rate after 10 years and 39% lower offspring than those without steel rings.

Researchers believe that when a penguin has a steel ring on its wings, it takes more energy when swimming in the sea, and it takes longer to forage than other penguins. This not only affects their own survival rate, but also makes them The offspring obtain less food than other small penguins, and their ability to reproduce offspring is correspondingly reduced.

Ivan Le Maho, who leads the research, said that people should consider using more advanced technology to identify penguins. For example, in this study, they used a chip implanted under the skin to identify penguins used for comparative studies.

According to reports, it is a traditional practice in the scientific community to mark penguins by putting steel rings on their wings for more than 30 years. There have been studies in the past that this may affect the survival of penguins, but there are also studies that said that a steel ring on the wings has no major impact. This study lasts 10 years and is the longest and most in-depth study in this area. The results may lead to large-scale changes in the identification methods in the penguin research in the future.

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