The technical advantage of the smart key

The smart pocket smart key management system is a new intelligent service system developed for the entry and exit activities of residential buildings. The goal is to achieve entry and exit management in a variety of environments with just a smartphone.

The smart key can emit infrared signals that can open one or two doors, trunks and fuel filler caps, as well as the car's windows and sunroof. The more advanced smart key is like a credit card when the driver touches When the door handle is reached, the central lock control system starts to work and emits a wireless inquiry signal. After the smart key card makes a correct response, the lock will automatically open. The engine will only start when the central processor senses that the key is stuck in the car.

Most practical

When you walk to your car, the door lock automatically opens. After leaving the car two meters away, the window and door locks are automatically closed. After installing the system, you don't have to worry about forgetting whether the door is locked or not. From the supermarket, you don't have to put a lot of goods on the ground, and rushing through the bag to find the keys and remote control, it completely frees you from the brain. , free up your hands. After the parking is turned off, you don't have to worry about whether you have the car in anti-theft status. It can automatically be armed after you leave for a few seconds, and always be vigilant to protect your car. This system works like the keyless entry system used in some high-end cars (Mercedes, BMW, Scorpio, New Accord).


Adopting the fourth-generation digital chip anti-theft system in the United States, the transmitted code adopts the encrypted rolling code method to prevent the thief from stealing the password to steal the car with the code scanner; in coding technology, the product has reached the international advanced level.

Most novel

With an innovative small card design, the size is smaller than half of the credit card, and applied for patent protection of the appearance. [2]

Technical advantages

1. It adopts automotive grade chip, the working temperature range is -40 °C - +85 °C, and the storage temperature range is -40 °C - +125 °C, so that the performance of the product under low temperature and high temperature environment can be well guaranteed. reliability. At the same time, the product also uses the automotive professional connector, fully meet the OEM's quality control needs, can provide users with OEM products and 4S level services.

2, added more user-friendly features in the product design, such as: automatic window lift, power protection, power saving mode and online upgrade. Let the owner use it more comfortably and comfortably.

3, in accordance with the OEM standard product development process, through the black box test and white box test, a large number of reliability experiments and road tests, fully guarantee the reliability and stability of the product. Let the car owners use peace of mind.

4, the use of parallel circuit technology, and the implementation of standardized installation process, will not affect the original car line. In addition, the product circuit design uses short-circuit protection and over-voltage protection, so that the car owners can be assured.

5, using remote control and keyless entry dual system solution, the switching method is very user-friendly. At the same time, the dual system is relatively independent. Dual system, double protection, let the car owners sit back and relax.

6, the application of RFID radio frequency technology and 128-bit rolling coding, allowing owners to experience the latest automotive electronics technology.

8, using a miniaturized, low-power RF antenna to achieve a keyless entry system. The breakthrough of this technical bottleneck maximizes the power consumption and gives the car owners peace of mind.

9, the installation design uses the latest technology of 3M tape, the installation will not damage the car body structure, so that the owner is no longer sad.

Clutch Cover


The clutch cover (clutch pressure plate) supports the clutch rotating system and transmits engine torque by pushing the Clutch Disc. It is mounted on the flywheel, and squeezes the disc against the engine flywheel.

For comfortable and safe driving, it is important to select a good quality clutch cover suitable for the type of vehicle. SYC clutch cover is categorized according to shape, part composition and features. Each type has a unique characteristic and permit the part for each car ensuring a smooth start & a good driving.

Every SYC Clutch cover need pass the size, dynamic balance, performance test before the delivery.

Clutch Cover

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