The cosmetics bottle market under online shopping is more inclined to plastic packaging

In the traditional cosmetic bottle market, glass cosmetics bottles are able to reflect the high-end quality appeal of cosmetics under the influence of lighting in shopping malls and containers. However, the market is changing and e-commerce is developing rapidly. The cosmetics online shopping market has been extremely hot in recent years. The impact on the traditional cosmetics market has come into being. More cosmetics are not displayed on the counter, but are presented to consumers through the display of online pictures. This has also led to a quiet change in the cosmetic bottle packaging market.

For the online shopping cosmetic bottle market, plastic cosmetic bottles are more suitable because online shopping cosmetics need to involve a more complex logistics environment than counter cosmetics. Counter cosmetic bottles are usually shipped in bulk, and online shopping cosmetic bottles are usually sent to consumers in small quantities. Therefore, plastic cosmetic bottles are more suitable. At the same time, the packaging cost of plastic cosmetics bottles is greatly reduced compared with glass cosmetics bottles, which will be a huge cost saving for cosmetics network companies, and at the same time it will help curb the constant high-end luxury of current cosmetics bottle packaging. The wind is conducive to saving social resources and guiding the correct cosmetic bottle packaging concepts.

For manufacturers, especially for plastic bottle manufacturers, it is a good opportunity for plastic cosmetic bottles to rely on the continuous growth of the online shopping market.

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