The color management process talks: whether the color management is standardized (3)

Color printout

Why do digital inkjet printers use inkjet printers?

1. The color gamut obtained by the high color reproduction method is larger, and the CMYK color gamut achieved by analog printing is more easily achieved. The color gamut of the EPSON series large format printer completely covers the color gamut standard of the European printing industry.

2, high precision ink jet printer print accuracy is more suitable for the performance of the fine level of the image is conducive to the simulation of the printed netting accuracy obtained EPSON wide format printer with the highest precision up to 28801440dpi
Can simulate up to 200 lines of printed dots

3, web printing cost savings Large format inkjet printer basically uses web printing, easy to output all sizes EPSON large format printer's maximum print size for printing Daquan open

EPSON "Art Micro Spray" Helps Printing Industry Applications




In 2006, EPSON introduced three printers, Stylus Pro4800, Stylus Pro7400/9400 and Stylus Pro7800/9800. Stylus Pro4800: 17-inch format, scope of application: advertising design, proposals, etc. Stylus Pro7400/9400: Layout proofing. Stylus Pro7800/9800: contract proofing.

Electronic products economic packaging/ market administered marketing professional information. Electronics, toys, packaging Speaker:our company packaging product packaging definition definition: protect the flow of products, making it easy storage and transportation, to promote sales.

Size: Customized
Shape and Style: Rectangle, square, circular, oval, especial shape for corrugated packing carton box
Grey board of Electric Box: From 300g to 1600g is normally
Kraft paper: 300g brown Kraft paper is normally used for corrugated shipping carton box
Printing: 4 colors Gravure printing, 5-7 color offset printing, screen printing, Pantone color, UV printing.
Surface treatment: Glossy lamination / matt lamination / varnishing / UV coating /hot stamping / embossing / laser / etc
Brand: OEM and ODM are available, and it can be printed as your requirement.
Packaging: boxes are packed by standard export carton or according to customers' requirements.

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