Support large-format large-format direct platemaking machine of various specifications

Dainippon Screen has developed the “Publishing God” 16000 platemaking machine, which is a large format direct platemaking machine supporting multi-size printing plates. It can output various sizes of plates from 4 to 16 pages. Advanced GLV tm (grid light valve) 521 beam exposure head, output speed and quality unprecedented.

Large format output device supporting 4 to 16 page format plates

The "Hey Publishing God" 16000 is capable of outputting various format printing plates having a size of 650 x 550 mm (25.6" x 45.9"). It is unique and self-contained. It is a direct plate-making machine that truly supports multiple specifications.

Advanced 521 beam exposure head

The screen uses GLA technology to develop a reliable exposure head that can achieve high speed and high quality. This advanced exposure head has 521 bundles of independent exposure heads, and the exposure width is very large. This brings unparalleled productivity to the "Yi Chuan Shen Shen" 16000, and the output quality is still not lost.

High-speed exposure

"Yi Chuan Shen Shen" 16000 can achieve a speed of 23 pictures per hour (resolution: 2400 dpi, plate size: 1448 x 1143 mm), and is the fastest in the world.

Automatic online punching

The device features an online punch feature that punches holes immediately after the plates are mounted on the rollers. The online punching method has higher registration accuracy than offline and manual punching methods. This approach is also helpful in reducing human errors and speeding up the preparation of the boot. This plate-making machine can install up to 10 punched pins, which can be flexibly selected according to the specific plate size and type of press required by the job.

Reliable automatic loading

The key factor in delivering large format plates efficiently and smoothly is to increase automation. The "Yi Chuan Shen Shen" 16000 installed a prestigious and reliable screen printing plate conveying system, and can also use a variety of upgradeable automation solutions. At any stage of losing the plate, it will not come into contact with the emulsion layer of the plate, eliminating the danger of damaging the plate. The auto-loader (optional) has two versions of the two-box and four-box. Each box can accommodate up to 400 plates in total. Prior to loading, the machine automatically picks up the inter-sheet liner.

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