Summer disease prevention, mosquito bites, small tricks

In summer, there are many mosquitoes. Many people are accidentally bitten by mosquitoes. The following are tips for summer mosquitoes and bites , daily mosquito repellent methods, people who are easy to recruit mosquitoes, and methods to quickly relieve it after being bitten by mosquitoes.
It is also necessary to talk about science in the heatstroke, and must not be taken lightly. Here are some tips for summer mosquito repellents .
Disease prevention - two small Chinese medicines, a bottle of yogurt With the arrival of summer, more and more people go out to travel to summer. Many people are most afraid of traveling out of the country. Here is a recommended small trick for you: two small Chinese medicine, a bottle of yogurt.
"I don't accept water and soil." In fact, it is not the water, the bacteria in the soil, the bacteria in the air and the food. Many of these bacteria are unique to the local area. The traveler has not been exposed, so there is no resistance and it is easy to cause illness. The most common is gastrointestinal discomfort, causing diarrhea.
First of all, you can use the anti-wind Tongsheng pill for allergic symptoms during travel. Secondly, the summer “water and soil dissatisfaction” is related to moisture. It is recommended to use musk qi water, gastrointestinal discomfort, and no appetite, you can drink; When going out for a trip, pay attention to washing your hands, washing your eyes and washing your nose with water to keep your hands, eyes and nose clean. You can also drink more yogurt or drink bifidobacteria. The probiotics in yogurt can help regulate the intestines. The dysfunctional flora protects the stomach.
Mosquito repellent - Mosquito repellent or wind oil can be applied to insect repellent or wind oil when it is out. It is better to apply it on clothes because the medicine is easily washed away by sweat.
Don't camp near rivers, lakes, streams, etc., where there are more mosquitoes in the summer. Try not to walk through the grass while walking, because the grass is the habitat of many insects.
In addition, you need to master some small methods of mosquito repellent:
Night scent repellent: Put the night scent in the sun during the day and put it in the cool vent at night, so that the scent of the night scent can make the mosquito smell.
Peppermint Repellent Method: Put some fresh mint leaves indoors, and its special cool taste can make mosquitoes dare not approach. After the mosquito bites, wipe the affected area with a clean mint leaf to relieve itching and swelling.
Waste tea repellent: The dried tea leaves are ignited as incense, which can drive out mosquitoes and flies.
Oral vitamin B1 repellent: take vitamin B 120 mg before going to bed, vitamin B1 can enter a human body, can discharge a special smell through the sweat gland, making the mosquito smell awe.
Externally coated with vitamin B1 to repel mosquitoes: Dissolve 3 to 5 tablets of vitamin B1 in water, then wipe the exposed skin with a tampon ball and rub it to prevent the bite of the mosquito for 2 days.
Natural light repellent method: Mosquitoes have the characteristics of nocturnal night light and fear of light, fear of sound, and fear of taste. Every evening, when the twilight falls, open the window, don't turn on the lights, and the mosquitoes will fly out from all corners.
Wearing light clothes: Mosquitoes most like to stop on black clothes. Mosquito bites are related to the color of the clothes people wear. If you wear light-colored clothes, the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes will be smaller.

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