Screen printing ink 1000 asked (510-516)

510. When using adhesives should pay attention to what matters?

A: When using the adhesive BH, it should be noted that stirring in a quick stirrer for a while can help improve its stability. In addition, this type of adhesive has a serious yellowing phenomenon after finishing with the resin, and is particularly serious on the viscose fiber fabric, so it should not be used as much as possible.

511. What role does the crosslinker EH play in the ink and what should you watch out for when using it?

A: The crosslinking agent EH plays a role in improving the fastness to washing in the ink, but at the same time it also has an adverse effect on the sense of touch and adsorption. Because the cross-linking agent is made from the condensation of ethylenediamine and epichlorohydrin, it is stable in acidic media and unstable in alkaline media. Care should be taken not to use it in alkaline media.

512. What is the relationship between the performance of acrylate adhesives and the choice of monomers?

A: For acrylics, such as methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate. Butyl acrylate and octyl acrylate, according to the general rule, the longer the carbon chain, the better the feel, the better the homopolymer transparency, so the length of the carbon chain is commonly used to adjust the hardness. Acrylate is often used as the main component, and a certain amount of acrylonitrile, styrene or vinyl chloride is added for multi-component copolymerization. Acrylic copolymers with acrylonitrile, you must control the amount of acrylonitrile added, add a lot of time, although it can improve the elasticity and washing fastness, but at the same time brings a hard feeling, electrolyte stability and other shortcomings. Acrylic copolymers with styrene, although it can improve the rubbing fastness, but elasticity, dry cleaning resistance and feel bad. In addition, acrylic copolymers with vinyl chloride can improve wear resistance. Resistance to soaping and dry cleaning, but at the same time it reduces the heat and light fastness, and cause the feel hardened, so in addition to the appropriate choice of comonomer, but also according to their mutual ratio to determine the performance of the sticky agent.

513. What are the main components of Dongfeng brand adhesive?

A: Dongfeng brand adhesive is a copolymer of butyl acrylate and acrylonitrile, which is an oil/water nonionic emulsion. Emulsifier levelling agent O, and gum arabic and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a protective colloid and thickener, ammonium persulfate (potassium) as an initiator, carbon tetrachloride as a molecular control agent to decolorize, take off昧 High-grade oil is an oil phase that is formed by emulsion polymerization.

514. What are the main characteristics of Dongfeng brand adhesives?

A: The film formed by the adhesive has good transparency and the color is not darkened due to sunlight and high temperature, so it can be used as a light color. White or fluorescent printing. However, since acrylonitrile is sensitive to electrolytes, it has a certain degree of adsorption to pigments and feels harder. Therefore, it should not be used when the pattern area is too large. In addition, the addition of cross-linking agent can also improve its washing fastness.

515. What is the formulation of Dongfeng brand adhesive for formulating general printing ink?

A: The basic formula used for formulating general printing inks is shown in Table 2.

516. How to formulate a fluorescent printing oil with Dongfeng brand adhesive?

Answer: The basic formula for preparing fluorescent printing inks is as follows.

Emulsifying paste N xg

Dongfeng Brand Adhesive 450g

Fluorescent colorant 400g

Crosslinking agent FH(EH,H) 30g

Total: 1000g (Author: Yan vegetarian)

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