Rose Honey Yogurt Mask DIY Clean Moisturizing

Rose Honey Yogurt Mask DIY Cleansing Moisturizing and Replenishing Water

Be aware that honey is often used in many DIY masks because it has a powerful cleaning effect and will brighten your complexion. Roses contain a lot of vitamin C, which can nourish your skin deeply. Learn how to make a rose honey yogurt mask with Xiaobian today!

Mask effect: deep cleansing, effective hydration

How to make:

1. Boil a pot of water

2. Soak fresh rose petals in the water

3, put some honey and yogurt, mix and mix evenly

4. Apply to face and wait 15 minutes to wash off.

In fact, in life we ​​are often busy with work, even the time to apply mask is very rare, not to mention DIY mask. But if you like life, it's best to spend some time doing some interesting things. Not only can you relax, but the whole process is also very fun and interesting. The editor has always believed that there is no ugly woman in the world! Let's cheer up!

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