Return to the Oriental Love Guangzhou Home Design Exhibition

A fun chair that is as flexible as a rubber band, a children's furniture like a castle in a fairy tale, a bench like a spider, a bench like a seesaw... The first in the Pazhou Complex from March 18th to 21st At the 5th Guangzhou Home Design Exhibition , the most surprising thing was the work presented by young students, telling people about the “family dreams” of young Chinese designers.

Compared with the 4th Guangzhou Home Design Exhibition held last year, the scale of this exhibition has nearly doubled. The most surprising thing is that there are more than half of the exhibition area from young people in the exhibition. It is set up for the students of colleges and universities. Moreover, the previous exhibitions are mainly photo exhibitions. Most of the exhibits in this exhibition appear in the form of physical objects, which makes people happy.

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This exhibition can be said to be one of the largest original furniture exhibitions that reporters have seen recently. On both sides of the entrance of the pavilion, the two famous art colleges of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts are arranged almost symmetrically. Each of them exhibits more than 20 pieces of furniture exhibits, and a special exhibition of design exhibitions distributed from the scene. In view of this, there are more works that cannot be fully displayed due to the booth area. At the same time, the Central Nationalities College, Guangdong University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangxi University, Shunde Vocational and Technical College, Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College, and Longjiang Vocational and Technical College of Shunde District, Foshan City, the exhibition halls of nine colleges and universities The forum area and the corporate exhibition area are arranged.

Perhaps there are still many clones in the furniture industry, but at this exhibition, “disgracefulness in plagiarism and pride in originality” is not only the voice of the students, but also the voice of the enterprise. The works of the company's booths, such as the Federation, Australia, Pedro, and Europe, also fully reflect the sound of original design.

In the past design exhibitions, we can see from the exhibits the shadows of some modern masters of modern design masters in the exhibition. In this exhibition, more than half of the works are tribute to the oriental traditional culture.

The local is the world. More students have realized that their own works will have more vitality, relying on the towering Chinese civilization of five thousand years.

Throughout the exhibition, the design of young designers in the school is not inferior to their predecessors, perhaps there is still a lack of experience in the application practice, and most of the students' works are not very packaging, but their "new born calves" The divergent design thinking of not being afraid of tigers is an advantage that some predecessors cannot have.

The well-known designer Huang Jianhui gave the inscription for the fifth Guangzhou Home Design Exhibition only four words: "The Fire of the Stars". Indeed, as early as 1900, Liang Qichao once asserted in "Youth China": "Youth wisdom is the national wisdom, The young are rich and the country is rich; the young is strong and the country is strong, the young is independent and the country is independent; the young is free, the country is free, and the young is progressing, the country is progressing.) With the colorful and ingenious design of young designers in this design exhibition, young people The home design industry has brought a fire of stars, and the climax of Chinese original design is coming.

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