Offset printing must choose the right way

Ink, as the most important kind of printing material for information reproduction, should have good printability in the printing process. Offset printing inks are mainly composed of colored pigments (dyes, etc.), binders, fillers, and additives. They are mixed and agitated at a certain ratio according to printing requirements during preparation, and are made by rolling ink rolling process.

Pigments are solid powdery substances that are neither soluble in water nor oil or binders, and have a certain color, including inorganic pigments and organic pigments. It is not only the main solid component of the ink, but also the colored body visible on the object. To a large extent determines the color, thinness, light resistance and other properties of the ink. Most of the black pigments currently used in printing inks are inorganic (such as carbon black), while color inks are mostly organic pigments.

Offset printing inks can be divided into sheet-fed offset printing inks and rotary offset printing inks according to printing machinery; according to different drying methods, they can be divided into permeable offset printing inks, thermosetting offset printing inks, photocurable (UV / EB) offset printing inks and India iron offset printing ink. Different types of inks have different printability and uses.

Selection of offset printing inks by different printing machines and different substrates

1. Ink for web offset presses

The ink used in web offset presses is what is usually called offset printing ink. This ink is basically divided into the following two types:

a. Penetration drying type: Due to the high printing speed and rapid drying speed of ink used in newsprint and offset paper web offset presses, the most commonly used inks are penetration drying type.

b. Thermosetting ink: In modern commercial web offset presses, a drying device is added to the second half of the printing device. To adapt to this production condition, a thermosetting ink is used. This ink is heated in the drying device. Solvent evaporation makes the ink film dry quickly, and the content of dry oil (such as linseed oil) in thermosetting ink is small. The content of petroleum agent is relatively high, and the other components are similar to those of sheet-fed offset printing ink. The paper used for thermosetting ink is better than the paper used for permeation drying ink.

2. Sheet-fed offset printing machine ink

â‘ Offset printing ink

Offset bright ink is made of synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil and high boiling point alkane oil. Colloid ink composed of high-quality pigments and additives. It is used for printing high-quality and exquisite prints such as picture books and pictures on coated paper by single-color, two-color or multi-color offset presses. The gloss of the ink is mainly generated by the conjunctive film after the drying of the connecting material. The gloss of the ink and the leveling of the ink film are good. It should form a plane attached to the surface of the substrate and directionally reflect the incident light, that is, it has a mirror effect. It is required that the binding material stay on the surface of the substrate to the greatest extent.

â‘¡Offset resin ink

Offset resin inks are made of synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, mineral oil, high-quality pigments and fillers, and are blended and ground. The characteristics of offset printing resin inks are less vegetable oil content and high proportion of solvents, usually high boiling alkane, which plays a role in viscosity reduction in the ink. After the ink is transferred to the paper, this part of the solvent quickly penetrates into the paper fibers under the action of the capillary, speeding up the drying speed of the ink, and reducing the smearing of the printed matter.

â‘¢UV offset printing ink

UV ink is used for printing in offset printing, which is usually called UV offset printing. UV offset printing ink is a type of ink that uses ultraviolet (UV) radiation energy to make liquid chemicals through rapid crosslinking and curing into an ink film. It requires a UV curing unit in the printer. As a kind of offset printing ink, UV offset printing ink must first be printed in the form of offset printing, so UV offset printing ink should also have some characteristics of ordinary offset printing ink to meet the requirements of printability.

â‘£ Offset synthetic paper ink

In the absence of a UV offset printing machine, use the usual four-color printing machine to print cardboard, synthetic paper and other special paper that is not easy to dry on the surface of the substrate, you need to use offset synthetic paper ink, this ink is suitable for printing {Synthetic paper (gold paperboard, silver paperboard, aluminum foil paper) special paper and other non-absorbent self-printing substrates, the ink has quick drying and good adhesion on the printed matter. Because the drying speed of this ink is very fast, when the printing process is stopped, the ink on the rubber roller should be cleaned in time to prevent the ink from drying.

Eco-friendly offset printing ink

With the development of technology, people's requirements for environmental protection are increasing day by day, so environmentally friendly inks came into being. Environmentally friendly inks are also known as green inks. In offset printing, there are mainly soybean inks and ultraviolet curing inks.

Ultraviolet curing ink is also called UV ink. The main characteristics of UV ink are: no solvent volatilization, no pollution, and environmental protection requirements. It is widely used in food packaging and printing. It has good printability and is suitable for printing paper, cardboard, plastic products, metals, textiles and other printing materials. It has a short curing time and consumes Less energy and better print quality.

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