New plastic bottle cap prevents "secondary pollution"

Mr. Ye introduced: In fact, the production cost of this new type of bottle cap is basically not increased compared with the production of traditional bottle caps. To reconstruct an existing 3,000-carton/hour production line, it only costs 2,000 yuan for the mold. However, from the perspective of consumer safety protection, this is still very meaningful. During the circulation, storage, and sale of bottled beverages, the threaded portion of common beverage bottles is not easily sealed due to tight seals and is more susceptible to contamination by pathogens, dust, and other harmful substances. In particular, it is worth mentioning that when the market places beverages in frozen water, one hundred percent of the chilled water that is unsuitable for drinking will be immersed in the thread of the bottle mouth. As people's living standards improve, Chinese people are increasingly demanding food safety. Consumers with more safety products will be the choice of more and more Chinese consumers. Recently a new capping technology using packaged beverage "good honey Feng" launched in Dongguan, this drink because it prevent "secondary pollution" of the new cap sealing the secondary packaging technology, received wide acclaim consumers At the same time, it also caused the attention of many dealers and businesses.

Plastic bottled drinks has been its good storage performance and easy to drink and so attracting consumers, "opening the lid ready to drink" became widespread consumer drinking habits of bottled beverages. In fact, ordinary bottled beverages are not suitable for consumers to drink directly to the bottle mouth.

  The current universal bottle cap design has only one seal, the bottle thread is only covered by the bottle cap , but it is not completely sealed. This kind of design is more likely to lead to " secondary pollution " after inspection of the drinks that have passed the inspection , and there are certain safety and health risks.

      According to Mr. Ye Zhi, Dongguan Good Honey Beverage Co., Ltd., they used a new sealed bottle cap that added a sealing ring at the bottom of the lid without changing the existing bottle top seal structure and the dense effect. The thread part is protected.

   This kind of packaging eliminates the hidden dangers of oral contact with the mouth of the bottle when consumers drink directly from the bottle, and also adds double insurance to the storage and transportation of the beverage because the looseness of the cap, leakage of the beverage, and contaminating of the beverage are caused by transportation. The odds are much lower than in the past.



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