New Flexible Packaging Production Solution - COMCO Flexo Printing Press

This time, China Print 2005, U.S. joint company and Ma Andy teamed up with the most powerful lineup and the 262-square-meter booth area took off. It showed the industry the top equipment for flexo printing - COMCO flexo Printing presses. The machine made its debut in China with 16-inch, seven-color and full-UV configurations. It demonstrated the printing of 0.4mm cardboard, 0.025mm film and film stickers. The maximum printing speed reached 200m/min, and the printing quality was professional. Recognition.

Kangkang MSP has the following features:
A variety of printing materials - the same machine to solve the printing and molding problems of film and cardboard <br> According to the configuration scheme, the printing materials can range from thousands of inches of unlined film to thousands of Twenty-fourths of an inch paper jam.

Second, the perfect combination of various processes - combination of a variety of printing methods including gravure printing units, screen unit MSP models can complete a variety of labels, flexible packaging and various folding boxes of efficient processing.
Combining a wide variety of options, various technical solutions such as screen printing, gravure printing, hot foil stamping, reverse printing, plastic surface printing, preprinted paper roll compounding, and soft tension coating (significant for film coating on the surface of thin film materials), Electron beam printing, UV glue compounding, EB glue compounding, water-based glue compounding and other processes can be perfectly connected on the machine.

Three pairs of precise control of the material - the highest yield <br> For different substrates , MSP models provide different technical solutions for classification.
The model provides a roll-up and feed mechanism with different classifications.
A variety of options can be attached to the printing group to allow for highly precise control of various paper rolls with different paper paths.
COMCO MSP provides a complete automatic control system, and the printing and die-cutting accuracy can be fully maintained even when the machine is running at a high speed.
Equipped with water-cooled rollers to eliminate material deformation caused by thermal effects.

Four production capabilities fully reflected - up to 150% of the speed of ordinary machines
The top-mounted drying scheme allows it to select various drying methods and expand the drying capacity during use so that the machine's productivity can be fully utilized.
The machine speed can be upgraded from 500 feet per minute to 750 feet per minute.
You can connect more than 14 printing units.
Both MSP and MSP servo units can achieve arbitrary transformation of the printing perimeter, so that a bottleneck problem with the gravitational contention business is solved.

5. Decrease Invalidation Time--Achieving Highest Machine Utilization <br> The slide-out design is used for the print and die-cut groups.
Both the print head and the die-cutting head can be pre-set outside the machine so that the machine's ineffective time when changing the print job is minimized. At the same time, some important adjustments such as printing the pressure adjustment between the various rollers can be pre-set outside the machine, greatly reducing machine occupation and effectively reducing the work pressure of workers.

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