Maintenance Manual: Care for wooden furniture

The unique hygroscopic nature of wood makes it easy for wood furniture to change with ambient temperature. If it is used or not properly maintained, it will cause various damages. In order to keep wooden furniture as new as possible, it is necessary to work in all aspects of cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Placement: Wood furniture should be placed in a cool, clean, ventilated place with moderate temperature and light. It should not be placed in direct sunlight. If you need to place it near the window, be careful to adjust the curtain according to the lighting conditions to cover the direct sunlight, so as to avoid fading of the paint film and premature aging and deformation of the wood.

Keep it steady: Put the cabinet flat before placing the items so that the four feet are stable. If the furniture is in a state of shaking and unstable, the fastening part will be opened for a long time, and the bonded part will be cracked, which will affect the service life.

Avoid overweight: Do not place heavy objects on top of furniture such as large wardrobes, so as to prevent the door from protruding, and do not stack too much clothes. Excessive items should not be placed on the table or table edge, so as not to cause the furniture to be unstable.

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