Maige launches PET and PP series blowing machines

As a professional PET blowing machine manufacturer, Maige has chosen to work on technological innovation of products in the face of fierce competition between domestic and foreign peers. It has successively developed MG-HR, MG-PP and MG-S as representatives. The different series of automatic blowing machines.

As we all know, ordinary plastic bottles (such as mineral water bottles) will shrink and deform when exposed to hot liquids, or even produce odors, which greatly limits the development of the hot-filled beverage industry. In order to solve this problem, Maige Machinery developed and produced the MG-HR series high-temperature blow molding machine, which is specially used for packaging hot drinks such as juice and tea. This is undoubtedly a good news for China's beverage industry. Even from a certain point of view, high-temperature blow molding machines indirectly promote China's tea culture.

The MEG PET heat-resistant series automatic blowing machine is specially designed and manufactured according to the principle that high-temperature filling will affect the performance of PET raw materials. It uses multiple blowing platform technology to reduce the memory residual stress of PET raw materials, to ensure that the produced PET bottles will not shrink deformation or slight deformation during the hot filling process. This series of bottle blowing machines uses multiple blowing platform technologies and therefore does not reduce the production speed of PET bottles, effectively controlling production costs. Moreover, the crystallinity of the PET bottle can be effectively changed according to different shapes of the mold design. As the PET crystallinity is improved, the high-temperature resistance of the PET bottle can be increased to over 100 degrees Celsius. At present, the Mage HR series blow molding machine adopts the patented loading preform method, which makes the preform into the drying tunnel faster and more reliable. Also, it is very easy to change the preform's diameter (change within a small range) as needed. This type of machine uses a blow-up design to maximize the quality of the preform after heating, and indirectly ensures the stability of the final molded bottle. The molded bottle can be directly transported to the hot filling line for hot filling. This saves production time, speeds up production, and increases production. Compared to PP bottles, PET bottles have high strength, good transparency, good gas barrier, good draw ratio, and a wide range of raw material collection. In the hot filling beverage packaging market, PET hot filling bottle blowing machines can be said to have A certain market.

In order to speed up production and increase production, based on the original PET blow molding machines, Maige has redesigned an ordinary S-series PET blow molding machine. Compared with the former, its biggest feature is the drying and Bottle blowing separates the speed of blowing and speeds up production. As a straight-line blower, the blowing rate of this series has reached the leading domestic level. The bottle-out rate of the single mold cavity of the S series blow molding machine exceeds 1500 BPH, and the discharge rate of the S series blow molding machine can reach 4600 BPH. The four-template construction of the blow moulding machine speeds up the opening and closing of the mould and increases the output of the bottles, which is 1600 more bottles per hour than the previous four-cavity automatic blow moulding machine in the PET series. The machine adopts intelligent computer control design, and the protection of the blowing machine is more in place. With a slight problem, the intelligent system will signal in a timely manner and, if necessary, automatically shut down to ensure the stability and service life of the machine.

Of course, with the increasing popularity of PET raw materials in the packaging industry, PP, as a new type of plastic raw material, has gradually emerged in the beverage packaging industry, and has received increasing attention. Compared with PET, PP bottles have higher temperature resistance and environmental performance. Due to its good secondary bactericidal properties, it has been favored in the dairy packaging and transfusion medicine packaging industries. PP bottles are light in weight, relatively inexpensive and resistant to low temperatures, and are particularly suitable for use in cold climates in the north, are not easily damaged, and are convenient for long-distance transportation. The bottle design has a large degree of freedom and can be tailored to suit individual needs. These features make PP bottles destined to become a new generation of drink packers darling. Based on the market demand of PP bottles, Maige Machinery improved the original PP blow molding machine and produced the second generation PP self-blow molding machine from Maige. Its unique drying tunnel design and blow-up stretch system are bottles. The quality provides a strong guarantee.

Source: China Chemical Network

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