Lazy men pick up the small assistant 3 super storage wardrobe recommended

In daily life, many people have such troubles: the clothes in the bedroom can not be placed properly, making the whole bedroom look messy and very disturbing. In fact, as long as you choose a wardrobe with a large storage space and a reasonable storage grid, and arrange it according to the storage grid, you can make the entire bedroom look organized. Below, the editor recommends 3 eco-friendly wardrobes with powerful storage functions, so that the room will never be messy again.

Ou Shangjie European style sliding door wardrobe

Reference price: 2158 yuan

This wardrobe is designed in a pure modern style. The overall white is quiet and romantic and warm. The simple lines and delicate and non-trivial color matching create a pure and elegant bedroom atmosphere; the rigid structure is coupled with white and bright piano paint To make the wardrobe more elegant and make people love it.

According to the storage needs of different items, the internal storage space is designed with different specifications of storage compartments, which is more practical; the extra large storage function, which can store, hang and store in one body, can store various clothes and coat quilts; The space structure is reasonable, according to the different sizes of clothes to meet all the needs of the owner, and the life is organized.

Haoyou modern minimalist paint sliding door wardrobe

Reference price: 2480 yuan

Black and white classic tones, the darling of the fashion circle, plus the baking paint process on the surface of the plate, the entire wardrobe looks stylish and beautiful; the furniture is all environmentally friendly paint that is harmless to the human body, the smell is fresh, the color is not easy to change after long-term use, and the color is bright still;

The internal storage space is rationally arranged. According to the storage requirements of different items, different specifications of storage compartments are designed to make the clothes more organized. Each rounded corner carefully takes care of the safety of family members. The dynamic and smooth lines depict the modern Home design concept.

Golden freehand plate sliding door wardrobe

Reference price: 2480 yuan

This modern and stylish design wardrobe has a simple but not simple overall shape, smooth lines, light and beautiful appearance , which perfectly interprets the elegant and noble quality, and reflects the life attitude of luxury nobles.

The wardrobe is very practical and has a large storage space, which can meet different daily needs; a reasonable space layout can organize clothes in an orderly manner to avoid the whole bedroom from looking messy.

The sliding rail of the sliding door adopts high-quality steel hardware, which is safe and smooth to push and pull, and has low noise; the design of the sliding door is better to save space, and it is beautiful and elegant; the pattern of the panel and the charm of the stainless steel edge are unique, the texture is stronger, and the appearance of beauty rises straight.

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