IST METZ Launches MBS-5 System

The German UV supplier IST METZ will exhibit the new MBS-5 luminaire module at the International Label Printing Exhibition. The key attribute of the module is its efficiency, which can provide 40% of the UV energy to the surface of the printing material, which has been confirmed by the manufacturer's measurements. The accurately calculated case shows that the cost of energy can be saved.

The MBS-5 system takes full advantage of the available UV energy with a combination of new solutions, among which is the most efficient URS reflector technology. Its main feature is that when using the so-called cold mirror reflector technology, the new surface coating can be used at any desired geometry. This allows IST designers to design the reflector geometry of the MSB-5 luminaire module in accordance with the specified production requirements for label printing with advanced software. In this way, pressrooms using the MBS-5 system can basically be converted to lower power UV lamps without affecting the lamp's curing performance, productivity or print quality.

Manager Joachim Jung said: “The Asian label market is a challenge for IST METZ. The International Label Printing Exhibition is an ideal platform for our new customers to visit our office in Shanghai.”

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