Furniture design blows minimalist Chinese style

A few years ago, when various so-called imitation furniture were filled with major furniture exhibitions in China, most Chinese original furniture designers were still struggling to find their own design language. The classical furniture that reached its peak is the legacy that the ancients left for Chinese furniture designers, but it seems to have bound their imagination to some extent. Isn't the deep cultural accumulation a "beautiful curse" that makes domestic designers carry the burdens and is not as free to innovate as Western designers? [Xianghe Furniture City official website ]
This may not be the case. At the recent 20th China International Furniture Fair, the minimalist Chinese furniture design was blowing. Many Chinese original furniture designers still use classical furniture as the design blueprint. However, they have made a "subtraction" in the design method. Whether it is a well-known senior predecessor, or a black horse rookie in the design industry in recent years, between the “hands and the knife”, the simple and slender lines, more space-friendly style highlights. The original design of China has become both Chinese and Chinese, and it is in line with the international mainstream aesthetic trend. It is refreshing.

Fu Junmin "Fangyuan" series [Xianghe Furniture City official website ]
Take the road to internationalization
"China needs contemporary classics, and it is no longer a copy of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It does not take the ancients as a method, nor does it cater to fashion, so that it can truly embark on an international design path." Designer Fu Junmin began thinking a few years ago. this problem. With this ideal, the first minimalist Chinese furniture “Fangyuan” series was launched, and he spent about two years. “It’s really not easy to make a simple refinement for classical furniture. Every detail must be handled with care. Classical furniture is quite subtle in the load-bearing structure.” Apart from the complicated carvings and unnecessary decorative curves of the table and stools, Although it is simple, how to make a Chinese taste makes him painstaking. “Repeat observation and experimentation, I discovered that there is a wonderful line-up relationship between the tables, which mainly highlights the harmonious symbiotic relationship, and the Chinese flavor can be preserved. However, this detail is really difficult to be broken. "The straight line has been modified into a ladder shape with a slight inclination. Using the subtle perspective relationship between the tables, Fu Junmin's "Fangyuan" has achieved a balance between the Chinese and the simple styles. He himself lamented: "It took two years to design, but it took decades of experience."
Everything is difficult at the beginning, and with the design experience of “Fangyuan”, the modification of the traditional screen in the following “Nature” series makes Fu Junmin feel more comfortable. In the shape of Huaxia Mountain, he not only uses geometric freehand techniques, but also makes his modeling bold and simplified, and changes the bulky structure of traditional screens, using the most popular tension structure at present, so that the screen has certain flexibility in space. And removable features.
“Chinese original designers have to take their own path in the design world where minimalism prevails. It is not without rules.” Sun Xinxi, an industry media person, believes that Japanese furniture design has set a good example at this point. . For example, MUJI design furniture, which has a Japanese taste, but can also be recognized and accepted by global buyers, depends to a large extent on the "subtraction" of their designers' traditional furniture. Two years ago, two young designers, Zhang Peng and Yu Qing, were inspired by the design of MUJI, and they used their ideas to transform classical furniture. "According to our observations, the outstanding Chinese classical furniture pays great attention to the touch, especially the rounded feel. From the physical point of view, the sleek items can stimulate the desire of people to touch. This is the 'soul' of Chinese furniture." Zhang Peng said that when designing hangers, they simplified the structure of the hangers, retaining their contours while retaining their rounded feel. “For the first touch, you may not notice that the hangers are made of curved wood. But when you use it for the second and third time, you may feel the beauty of the arc touch, one I can’t say 'your'. I think this is a good touch for people in any country."

Unexpected design full moon light
Of course, designers have their own unique cheats in the transformation of classical furniture. Chen Darui, who has been engaged in furniture design for more than ten years, is quite old in solving this problem. Recently, he has a keen interest in the Chinese Arhat bed, and unexpectedly combined it with the Western-style soft-bag sofa, making the Ray sofa an uncompromising "hybrid." In Chen Darui’s words, “This is a design method that both Chinese and foreigners are willing to accept. The interval between the Arhat beds makes people keep a safe distance when talking with people. The simple soft bag It can make the sitting position more comfortable." According to industry insiders, this kind of transformation is easily reminiscent of the fact that 70 years ago, Danish furniture designers added a sofa cushion to the Ming chair and made it popular in Europe. Similarly, in order to make classical furniture more international, Beijing and Yixing antique furniture specially found the Italian designer Marcello Bennati to transform the wicker chair. The Chinese classical elements combined with the Italian-style simple sensory design make the original old rattan chair a bit of humorous playfulness.
Play cultural game
"From the perspective of the future Chinese furniture design trend, shape may not be the main thing. The key is how you use furniture to create an artistic conception in space." Designer Lai Yanan brought this year's new product "Black and White Intention" at the Furniture Fair. ". One of the greatly simplified black and white squats attracted many people's attention. Although to a large extent, this case retains the 榫卯 structure and the squat shape, but it has “converged” a lot in both the curve shape and the volume. “The ancients used the squat case, the most important thing to maintain a solemn order. This design is a product of Confucian culture.” Now, designers are usually creating a noble living space, as a domestic original designer. There is no need to stick to the shape of classical furniture, and even use the ambition of Yi Da Ying, to implicitly create an atmosphere in the space between the virtual and the real. “The squatting case is an example,” said Lai Yanan. “The modern design language is a point of the classical culture, and it is the root of people's life, but it can also easily be a modern life.”

Lai Yanan black and white image series squatting case [Xianghe Furniture City official website ]
Combining tea ceremony and incense road into your own design, the court and tea table brought by Shen Baohong, the founder of U+ design brand, is also quite ancient. The entire court and tea table do not have a trace of classical lines, but retain the artistic conception of Chinese furniture. “I tried to use some life scenes to convey the classical atmosphere of Chinese classics to others.” Shen Baohong believes that as an original Chinese furniture designer, there must be two basic qualities. One is to understand Chinese traditional culture and life style. The second is Independent aesthetic thinking must be adhered to. "This quiet life concept is very infectious. In the past, my drink was very good, but now I am gradually infected by the atmosphere that the furniture conveys. I don't drink alcohol, drink tea, and now life is quiet and dull. But it also makes you feel very fulfilled."
Don't think that playing culture and playing artistic conception is only a patent of senior designers. In fact, there are many people in this field. The "85" designer Huang Guodong and Zhou Hui composed an unexpected design combination, using the work "Full Moon Light" to play Chinese classical culture. "We don't have any ready-made classical instruments as a direct reference. We can also capture an antique piece from the ancient people's artistic conception." In the words of the two designers, they used the "full moon" for the work. It is because of the accidental reading of the ancient poems, the ancients often used the meaning of the reunion of the full moon to send homesickness. "So, our 'full moon' is a month-light, a bright moon with a green hand-picked, no need for extra decoration and explanation, a faint night, there is warm poetry, this is enough." [Xianghe Furniture City official website ]

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