Fanke old age: Tmall double eleven promotion activity is the flow + price war

   Guide: Ali Group confirmed in the early morning of November 12 that the total sales of Alipay at 11.11 Shopping Carnival reached 19.1 billion yuan, more than three times that of last year. Only Tmall reached 13.2 billion yuan, and Taobao completed 5.9 billion yuan. . Double 11 has not completely passed. Yesterday, at the "2012 Seventh China Online Retail Annual Conference" held in Chengdu, Chen said, "Because the B2C platform has not formed a core competitiveness, the competition is still stuck in the price war. From the double 11' Tmall wins can be seen, in essence, 'flow + price war'

Yesterday, "The 7th China Online Retail Annual Conference 2012" was held in Chengdu. Li Bin, executive vice president of Suning Tesco, Li Guoqing, CEO of Dangdang, Chen Cheng, CEO of Vanke Eslite, and Zhang Jianyu, vice president of Amazon China, attended the e-commerce giant. Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong Mall, also answered many questions from netizens through video.

Li Bin: I don't agree with "fake"

Yesterday, Li Guoqing made a lot of comments on competitors Jingdong and Suning Tesco, saying that the price war carried out in August was actually a “fake” and did not cut prices.

Subsequently, Li Bin, executive vice president of Suning Tesco, made a speech and said, “I don’t really agree with the idea of ​​“fake”.” He said that Suning Tesco made the biggest profit during the “815 price war”. Even irrational. Li Bin believes that the price war is actually a false proposition. "As long as the business exists, there must be price competition. This is the normal state." Li Bin believes that in addition to the price, Suning Tesco's advantage lies in lower operating costs, "Electrical appliances and 3C. The operating cost is about 10% lower than that of its peers."

Aged: E-commerce does not form core competitiveness

Liu Qiangdong said yesterday that Jingdong Mall will reach 60 billion yuan this year and is expected to achieve quarterly profit in 2013. He said that the low tide period of e-commerce has not yet reached, and at least 50% in 2013, and there are great opportunities for vertical private brands.

Fanke Eslite CEO Chennian said yesterday that trying to emulate the competition model in the US market is no longer feasible. The domestic platform e-commerce has not formed a core competitiveness. Before a few minutes ago, Li Guoqing also publicly stated that Dangdang has formed a book. The core competitive factors such as department stores.

Chen Nian said, "Slightly sorry for the National Day brother." However, he said, "Because the B2C platform does not form a core competitiveness, the competition is still stuck in the price war. From the 'double 11' Tmall win, it can be seen that it is essentially 'Traffic + price war'."

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Xi Dawei

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