Evaluation: Cool color Zelan Bochini Monte Carlo mattress

Lamborghini's bedroom products show their innovation and top-notch in design, material selection, process, performance, and use experience, such as the application of special high-tech materials used in sports cars to mattresses, etc. The manufacturer has 80 years of experience. The famous Italian factory above. In addition to bringing consumers a superior quality sleep experience, while thinking about product development and creative needs, Lamborghini brings new heights, new standards and many new inspirations.

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The Monte Carlo mattress series is the most classic of Lamborghini mattresses. Its black matte cool color makes it possible to find the shadow of the Lamborghini sports car. The carbon fiber material used is also exclusive to the sports car, and this is the only mattress in the world with rare carbon fiber textile materials, antibacterial, anti-mildew, and excluded. The human body's static electricity, which can maintain the same effect for a long time, is an absolutely innovative high-tech product, and its permanent aseptic characteristics make this bed passable by the times.

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