Eleven long holidays are coming to create beautiful makeup

Although in mid-September, the mood of many beautiful women is already in a hurry, where is the National Day going to play? When it comes to going out, beauty is indispensable, and beauty is also the same. So how do you build a travel makeup Yung it, the following to share with you, oh.

Travel makeup

Essentials of makeup makeup

When the makeup point of the makeup makeup reached the eleventh, it was already into the autumn weather, but we all know that the sun at that time is still high, so the sun protection work can not be ignored. Therefore, when traveling, we must choose a foundation with sunscreen effect. Regarding the recommended foundation, Xiaobian's suggestion here is that it is best to use a liquid foundation because the liquid foundation has better ductility than the creamy and powdery foundation, and it can better adhere to the skin and ensure a longer time travel. Not easy to remove makeup. Moreover, if you apply a layer of powder or powder after applying the liquid foundation, your makeup will be perfect.
The lip makeup of the makeup makeup pink or coral lip color always gives a gentle but yet glamorous feeling, so it is very suitable for travel. When choosing, it is best to choose a lip gloss with a good moisturizing effect to keep your lips warm for a longer period of time. Or we can apply lip balm before the upper lip gloss. Tell a little trick, apply a glossy transparent lip gloss to the center of the lip after applying the lip gloss, which will make the lips look more attractive.
Eye makeup points for makeup makeup In general, black eyeliner and mascara are the most versatile combination, and they are also natural, so it is very suitable for a makeup with a natural look. In the choice of eye shadow color, because October is the season of high autumn, so in the natural environment, choose the warm color eye shadow is more rich in the suburbs, so we may wish to choose pink eye shadow. In addition, the eye shadow does not need to be too heavy. After brushing the eye shadow, use a clean eye shadow brush to smudge the natural and create a gradual effect. It is already very beautiful. In addition, I believe that many beautiful women are worried that when they go out for a day, it is easy to become a panda eye. In fact, just pick a good waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
The blushing point of makeup makeup For the makeup makeup, the warm pink blush can enhance the color of the face and make the face vivid and energetic. In addition, we can also choose the coral-colored blush to make a shadow, and let it blend with the pink blush, so that it can play a role in modifying the face, which can make the photo more beautiful.

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