Donglin micro thermostat instruction manual

The micro constant temperature is controlled by metal instead of water as an energy carrier, and it is convenient to use water bath. It is a substitute for water bath products. The micro thermostat (dry incubator) is used in food, chemistry, blood, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology and other experiments as a precise constant temperature source for heating, deactivation and culture. TDW-1 micro-thermostat is the first in the country to adopt advanced Sensor and microcomputer technology, digital control, full digital operation interface, keeping up with the cutting edge of the era technology. The TDW-1 micro-thermostat is a high-tech crystal.

Phone Case Printer, also called uv led flatbed printer/UV Printer, belongs to Sapphire-Jet which is a multi functional LED UV Flatbed Printer that created by Shenzhen refinecolor technology co.,ltd. Phone case printer Printing on Glass Ceramic was built with industrial configuration as thicken aluminum profile, water cyculation cooling system, automatic detect UV Curing system... 6 color and max. 2880 dpi printing resolution. Can print on bend, cylinder objects, balls and bottles. Output with good 3D texture printing result.

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Our phone case printer often using for phone case printing, It is easy for customizing printing and you can print any image in your computer with our printer.Customers can print their own photos, design and more from the photoshop or coreldraw software.

Products name Double XP600 Heads A3 Plus varnish Phone Case Printer A3 plus With Faster Speed
Model  RF-ZZ1/ZZ2
UV lamp cooling system  Cycle water & air cooling + Heat sink
Printer head Protection  Intelligent Self Protect System
Printer Head  Double Printhead with XP600   (We also offer single printer)
12 color printer(Ink support)   UV ink : CMYK+ 2gloss oil + 6 W
Ink system  Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge
Print Speed  8 pass, 70s/A4 full size
Max Resolution  16 pass
Max Printing Size  330mm*600mm 
Print Thickness  0-200mm 
Printer Size/packing size  770mm*720mm*600mm / 98*83*78cm
Net/Gross/Volume weight  52.5KG/88.5KG
UV lamp Temperature   60 degree(UV lamp surface)

  40 degree (1cm far from lamp surface)
Onekey to print aotumatically    Yes
Ink pump Automatically    Yes
Computer system  Windows system, Gigabit net, network adapter contain below character: Gigabit,GBE,10/100/1000M,RTL8169
Standard Enclosure Software 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set

Phone Case Printer

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