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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Spring and rainy plus the holiday syndrome after the year, all kinds of sleepy, all kinds of absent state, the whole person's mental state is not very good, how to make yourself full of energy, let the bedroom full of vitality? The space you live in can't be too messy, try to be clean and clean. The Chinese wardrobe net is adjusted for everyone from sleep and storage. The wardrobe closes the whole storage, the double bed dominates sleep, and the floor and storage cabinet are space blending agents.

Simple style home furnishing

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Kasten B05 wooden wardrobe

Reference price: 1650 yuan

This wardrobe is natural, relatively elegant, and the material is E1 grade environmental protection board, waterproof and moisture-proof, and not easy to be deformed. The space inside the cabinet is divided into more detail. The left side is divided into three layers. The uppermost storage space can store the bedding sheets, and some foldable clothes are hung in the middle. The bottom two drawers are suitable for storing underwear and socks. The right side is divided into four layers, the larger space above can also hang clothes, the lower three layers of space can accommodate folded clothes, the function of the wardrobe is more reasonable.

Modern wardrobe design

Gujia home leather bed 1.8 meters double bed B-113

Main material: solid wood + multi-layer board

Reference price: 4599 yuan

The leather bed is not only comfortable and soft, but also has a colorful and sleek shape. The pillow can adjust the height, soft and comfortable, not only the soft and smooth leather, but also make people sleep more comfortable. In terms of styling, there are both circular beds of about two meters in diameter and rectangular beds of general size. The leather of this product is made of top layer cowhide and solid wood frame, and promises the environmental performance of the adhesive. As for the function of pneumatic storage, Xiao Bian is not recommended, because from the perspective of feng shui and ventilation, the bottom of the bed is not suitable for stacking too many sundries. The arc treatment of the whole bed looks seamless and avoids bumps.

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9.soft and comfortable.

10.OEM or ODM packing

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